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Ariane Simondet On Frosh, Inclusivity and Involvement

Midterms are slowly approaching, and we cannot help but reminisce on the warm, carefree days of Frosh. Whether you were a first-year embarking on your university journey, or a frosh leader looking to get involved, we can all agree that Frosh was one heck of a time. To help you trace back to those summer days, Her Campus McGill interviewed Ariane Simondet, Management Frosh's Director of Inclusivity.

Read full article: Her Campus, September 28, 2016 

Published: 30Sep2016

Baggage Fee Collusion Alleged

A class action lawsuit filed in Saskatchewan alleges that WestJet and Air Canada colluded in levying baggage fees for domestic flight in 2014.

The suit says it’s an unlikely coincidence that the two airlines announced the fees within three days of each other. WestJet announced the $25 fee for the first bag on Sept. 15, 2014. Air Canada announced virtually the same fee structure on Sept. 18.

Published: 30Sep2016

Lancement du concours universitaire Le levier de ton idée

La Fondation Montréal inc. organise en collaboration avec les universités montréalaises, pour la deuxième année, le concours universitaire Le levier de ton idée, présenté par la Banque Nationale.

Published: 30Sep2016

Crescita Therapeutics Announces Changes to the Board of Directors

Crescita Therapeutics Inc. (Crescita or the Company), a commercial dermatology company with a portfolio of over-the-counter and prescription products for the treatment and care of skin diseases and their symptoms, today announced that Samira Sakhia, President of Knight Therapeutics, has joined its board of directors. Prior to her current role, Ms. Sakhia was the Chief Financial Officer of Paladin Labs. Ms.

Published: 30Sep2016

Air Canada, WestJet face possible lawsuit over baggage fees

Air Canada and WestJet are facing a potential class action lawsuit after imposing checked baggage fees only days apart.

The proposed class action alleges that the two airlines colluded to impose the fees and have unjustly enriched themselves in the process.

Karl Moore, an aviation expert at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, found the collusion allegations far fetched. "I think it's highly unlikely they would collude. It's not the nature of the beast, they're just fierce competitors," Moore said.

Published: 29Sep2016

Un projet d'action collective vise les frais de bagage d'Air Canada et WestJet

Les transporteurs aériens Air Canada et WestJet pourraient devoir se défendre contre une action collective pour avoir commencé à imposer à leurs voyageurs des frais pour les bagages enregistrés à quelques jours d'intervalle.

Aux yeux de Karl Moore, un expert en aviation de la faculté de gestion de l'Université McGill, les allégations de collusion sont tirées par les cheveux.

«Je crois qu'il est très improbable qu'il y ait de la collusion, ce n'est pas dans la nature (des transporteurs), ils ne sont que de féroces concurrents», a expliqué M. Moore.

Published: 29Sep2016

Former head of IIM Bangalore's Entrepreneurship Cell joins BHIVE workspace

Today, India’s leading shared workspace company BHIVE Workspace announced that it has hired Suryanarayanana, former IIM Bangalore’s Head of Entrepreneurship cell to lead its incubator consulting services.

Suryanarayanana is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a Masters in Management from McGill University, Canada.

Read full article: The Hindu Business Line, September 27, 2016 

Published: 29Sep2016

Former Head of IIM Bangalore's Entrepreneurship Cell Joins BHIVE Workspace

Business Wire IndiaIn his new role at BHIVE, Mr. Suryanarayanan A will head the Incubator Consulting Services as well as help design the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program both of which will help fuel the startup ecosystem.

Today, India’s leading shared workspace company BHIVE Workspace announced that it has hired Suryanarayanana, former IIM Bangalore’s Head of Entrepreneurship cell to lead its incubator consulting services. 

Published: 29Sep2016

Lawsuit claims two Canadian airlines colluded to charge extra fees

A proposed class action lawsuit is going to try and get you back some of those baggage fees you’ve been paying whenever you fly out of town.

The lawsuit focuses on two announcements made by WestJet and Air Canada three days apart back in September 2014 and there are suggestions the two airlines met behind closed doors and agreed to charge more.

Published: 29Sep2016