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3 Ways IT Can Solve Retail’s Labor Challenges

Retailers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On top of growing competition, retailers now have to deal with new, challenging regulations and rising wages. Many retailers are struggling to keep up due to their heavy reliance on traditional, manual and top-down employee management processes. Luckily, retailers are starting to realize that operating with such outdated processes won’t cut it anymore, and more companies are turning to tech-driven solutions to help lower labor costs, drive increased sales and reduce employee turnover.

Published: 12Jan2016

How to become Everyone's Favorite Boss

There are plenty of ways to define a good boss. And just what that really means has changed dramatically in the last generation.

...Workplaces with a long history of male workers getting more regularly promoted will have the most difficulty changing, said Karl Moore, associate professor of strategy and organisation at Desautels, the business school at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Read full article: Canadian Business, January 5, 2016

Published: 11Jan2016

2016, l'année où l'entrepreneuriat social se diversifie

La société Aspire, fondée en 2012 par 5 diplômés de McGill, apparaît au classement de Forbes. Aspire, qui a remporté le prestigieux prix Hult en entrepreneuriat social, se spécialise en agriculture et en alimentation.

Lire l'article complet: Les Affaires, Janvier 5, 2016

Published: 11Jan2016

Talking Management with Karl Moore: What superbosses do differently

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, speaks to Sydney Finkelstein, a Canadian who is at the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, January 6, 2015

Watch full videao: The Globe and Mail, January 6, 2015

Published: 11Jan2016

Entreprise en mouvement

Au départ, Laura Vidal, Lavalloise de 31 ans, est sommelière. C'est le légendaire Don-Jean Léandri qui lui a tout appris avant qu'elle ne parte travailler dans des restaurants montréalais comme Le Club Chasse et Pêche ou le Leméac.

Mais Laura a aussi fait des études de commerce à l'Université McGill.

Lire l'article complet: La Presse, Janvier 11, 2016

Published: 11Jan2016

Louise Richer is appointed to the Order of Canada

Louise Richer is among the 69 Canadians newly appointed to the Order of Canada by his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.  She was nominated “for her contributions to the development and dissemination of the performing arts as director of the École nationale de l’humour.”  Louise founded the Ecole national de l’humour in 1988.  Since its launch, she has imagined, designed, developed, defended, reflected, enriched and propelled the school, which is now recognized internationally.  Louise is currently completing her EMBA with the

Published: 8Jan2016

Organizing risk: Discourse, power, and "riskification"

Authors: Hardy, C., Maguire, S.

Publication: Academy of Management Review


Published: 8Jan2016

The Impact of Investability on Asset Valuation

Authors: Errunza, V.Ta, H.

Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis


Published: 8Jan2016

MSF president Dr. Joanne Liu on Ebola, Syria and Kunduz

Not so long ago, Joanne Liu was a Montreal doctor at Sainte-Justine Hospital.

Now, the Quebec City native and McGill graduate is the international president of Doctors Without Borders, also known by its French name, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Read full article: CBC News, January 7, 2016

Published: 8Jan2016

Desautels Students Win 10 Scholarships by Foundation of CPAs of Quebec

Congratulations to the following BCom students from the Desautels Faculty of Management for winning scholarships given by the Foundation of CPAs of Quebec!

Eight winners of the Undergraduate Scholarships (given on the basis of excellent academic records and social involvement):

Published: 8Jan2016