McGill lands on Corporate Knights’ Future 40 list

Published: 11Apr2017

Now in its fourth edition, Corporate Knights’ Future 40 ranking is a yearly roundup of companies and organizations that are transitioning towards a low-carbon future. The list heavily reflects...

Imran Amed honoured with Vanguard Award

Published: 11Apr2017

“I’m not looking at fashion through a Canadian lens, or even a Western lens, but a global lens,” says Imran Amed (BCom'97). Indeed, he doesn’t even look at it through the eyes of someone who grew...

Montreal team nets $50,000 for its green housing design

Published: 11Apr2017

A joint McGill-Concordia effort has won a $50,000 federal grant to bring its innovative row-house design to the International Solar Decathlon in China next year. TeamMTL’s design takes aim at the...

Marijuana sector likely to constrict as it matures

Published: 7Apr2017

Desautels Professor Ken Lester was interviewed on BNN about the commodification of marijuana post-legalization. He discussed product choice, the question of how branding might be constrained by the...

Future food now: how insects will solve world hunger

Published: 7Apr2017

In an interview on Fox Business Network, Aspire CEO Mohammed Ashour (MBA'14) makes the case for eating bugs as a way to meet the world’s growing protein requirements. His company, the Aspire Group,...

Research Proposal Presentation: Cheng Zhu


Cheng Zhu, a doctoral student at McGill University in Operations Management will be presenting her research proposal entitled:

IMHL Live Information Session


The International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) cordially invites McGill alumni and community to a Live Information Session....

A refreshing take on healthcare

Published: 6Apr2017

Dr. Anoop Kumar (IMHL’15) has published a new book, Michelanglo’s Medicine: how redefining the human body will transform health and healthcare. The book offers a refreshing look at the human body...

Desautels alumnus named Exec VP at PNG Gold

Published: 5Apr2017

West Vancouver-based PNG Gold has announced the appointment of Wesley Marstaller (BCom'05) as Executive Vice President of the corporation. Before coming on board at PNG Gold, Mr. Marstaller served...

Public outrage over executive pay raises forces Bombardier into damage control

Published: 4Apr2017

Bombardier’s recent executive pay raises have caused heavy public criticism in the face of recent cash injections from the federal and Quebec governments. In an interview on BNN, Desautels...