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Why do women leave engineering?

Women who go to college intending to become engineers stay in the profession less often than men. Why is this? While multiple reasons have been offered in the past, a new study co-authored by an MIT sociologist develops a novel explanation: The negative group dynamics women tend to experience during team-based work projects makes the profession less appealing.

Published: 16Jun2016

GCPA Awards Lionel Pelham Kent Scholarship

On June 14, the GCPA program awarded the Lionel Pelham Kent Scholarship to students Josh Faier, Will Gendron-Saulnier, David Song, and Ming Xu. This scholarship was established in 1998 in memory of Lionel Pelham Kent, F.C.A., for high academic standing and communication skills, and is open to students in the final year of the GCPA program. The winning team is chosen based on outstanding skills in written and oral communication as presented in a case competition.

Photo from left to right: David Song, Josh Faier, Ming Xu, Will Gendron-Saulnier



Published: 16Jun2016

The Cult of the Leader

The claim of this recent book by Manchester Business School professor Christopher Bones is that too much of a focus on ‘leadership’ in business can be counterproductive and even dangerous for organizations. Seeing leaders as ‘special beings’ risks creating what Henry Mintzberg called ‘leadership apart’: leaders unconnected to their organizations, insulated from conflict, challenge, and debate; and unwitting creators of a culture of conformity and compliance rather than creativity and innovation. 

Published: 16Jun2016


Henry Mintzberg has been sharing his insights on management for almost 40 years. Often original and provocative, his booksThe Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning and Managers not MBAsare still widely cited, Mintzberg’s Managing brings together a lot of Mintzberg’s key ideas on the practice of management, as exemplified by Mintzberg’s observations of a day in working lives of 29 managers from a wide ride of organisations. For anyone wanting a concise and elegant statement of some of Mintzberg’s most important ideas, Managing is an excellent place to start.

Published: 16Jun2016

Céline Galipeau et Larry Rossy honorés par McGill

Maria Labrecque Duchesneau et Beverley McLachlin également au nombre des personnalités qui ont reçu un doctorat honorifique de McGill cette année

Deux Montréalais figurent au nombre des 14 personnalités à qui McGill a décerné un doctorat honorifique au cours de ses cérémonies de collation des grades de fin d’année : la journaliste et présentatrice du Téléjournal de 22 h de Radio-Canada, Céline Galipeau, et le fondateur de la chaîne Dollarama, Larry Rossy.

Published: 16Jun2016

MBA Careers Q&A: McGill Desautels

The Soutar Career Centre at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill Desautels) plans recruiting events and helps students hone their interview skills, but did you know that they also play a critical role in the admissions process by providing feedback on non-typical applicants?

Published: 16Jun2016

Trente-quatre personnalités québécoises nommées ou promues à l’Ordre national du Québec

Le premier ministre du Québec, Philippe Couillard, est fier d’annoncer que 34 personnes seront honorées de l’un des trois grades de l’Ordre national du Québec. Les récipiendaires seront décorés le mercredi 22 juin prochain, lors d’une cérémonie qui se déroulera à la salle du Conseil législatif de l’hôtel du Parlement. 

Published: 15Jun2016

McGill X-1 Kick-off! | Weekly Recap Series

The week ended with a workshop on how to maintain your engagement with your startup and the right mindset to adopt, led by Prof. Nii Addy of the Desautels Faculty of Management here at McGill. Following this was Prof. Lisa Cohen, another outstanding professor at Desautels, who shared her expertise on building a great team and understanding team dynamics.

Published: 15Jun2016

Transcript: How Steve Jobs, Bill Gates used a disruptive technology to build different companies

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe and Mail, talks with MIT’s Michael Cusumano.

Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, June 14, 2016

Published: 15Jun2016

Dobson Cup runneth over

After a year of planning, over 150 start-up submissions, 137 pitches, and $117,000 in prizes, the 2016 McGill Dobson Cup has come to a close with four enthusiastic startups claiming a first place victory in four different tracks: Social Enterprise, Health Sciences, Small & Medium Enterprise, and Innovation Driven Enterprise.

Published: 15Jun2016