Credit default swaps: A survey

Published: 6Jan2015

Authors: Augustin, P., Subrahmanyam, M.G., Tang, D.Y., Wang, S.Q. Publication: Foundations and Trends in Finance Abstract

Risks and Responsibilities in the Chemistry Industry


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Cuba moves could drive Canadian tourism

Published: 22Dec2014

Cuba has always held a certain allure for the traveller: the music, the food, the beaches and even the cigars.... McGill University business professor Karl Moore said that while Canadian sun...

The social media trend you may have missed

Published: 22Dec2014

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, talking management for The Globe and Mail. Today, I am delighted to speak to Mitch Joel, who is the president of...

The Next Big Thing In Business Education

Published: 22Dec2014

Everyone is looking to start-ups in Silicon Valley to find the next big thing in the business world, but what if the next big thing in business education isn’t coming from a start-up or even a big...

The Elusiveness of Leadership

Published: 22Dec2014

When your correspondent entered the leadership field in the early nineties, not long after starting work as a middle manager, the economy was rebounding from a recession and a new buzz around...

Bombardier among companies using legal tax havens at expense of home country

Published: 22Dec2014

The problem is not that Bombardier Inc. played a complex shell game since at least 2010 by refinancing and redirecting US$500 million of its financing activities to Luxembourg, a notorious tax...

The Erosion of Expert Control Through Censure Episodes

Published: 17Dec2014

Author: Huising, Ruthanne Publication: Organization Science, November 2014  Abstract: 

Career Prep 101


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