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Rescuing Capitalism from Itself

Article written by Professor Henry Mintzberg

In 1989, as the Berlin Wall fell alongside communism in Eastern Europe, pundits in the West proclaimed the triumph of capitalism. The American historian Francis Fukuyama even declared “the end of history,” writing in National Interest‘s summer 1989 issue that he saw “the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.”

Read full article: Harvard Buisness Review, December 3, 2015

Published: 4Dec2015

Teaching the impact of climate change to the leaders of tomorrow

The environmentalists and green groups at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which starts today in Paris, will inevitably call for better leadership on sustainability issues. They will not have to travel far to find those willing to teach them.

Green topics become the norm

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Montreal, “normalised” the climate-change issue as a core topic a long time ago, says Steve Maguire, director of the school’s institute for integrated management.

Published: 4Dec2015

E-Innovation bridges academia and industry

What do you get when you combine the minds of three postdoctoral fellows, a PhD student, a professor, and recent, potentially profitable, research? A cutting-edge startup, of course.

Published: 4Dec2015

10th Anniversary of the Naming of the Desautels Faculty of Management

On October 22, 2015, alumni and friends came together at the Faculty Club to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the naming of the Desautels Faculty of Management.

At the event, Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier presented Dr. Marcel Desautels (CM, O.Ont., LLD’07) with the prestigious James McGill Keys for laying the foundations for knowledge, innovation and scholastic inquiry to grow and flourish.

Published: 2Dec2015

Debt, labor markets, and the creation and destruction of firms

AuthorsAlmazan, A., De Motta, A., and Titman, S.ac  

 PublicationJournal of Financial Economics

Published: 2Dec2015

Corporate venture capital portfolios and firm innovation

AuthorsWadhwa, A., Phelps, C. and Kotha, S.c  

PublicationJournal of Business Venturing

Published: 2Dec2015

evenko Announces the First Edition of APEX

Montreal (QC), November 23, 2015 – evenko announced that its first edition of APEX will be held on February 24, 2016 at the Bell Centre Theatre. Presented by Desjardins Business in collaboration with Bell, and in partnership with the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM), and Lavery Lawyers.

Published: 27Nov2015

McGill student-athletes merit 17 bursaries at FAEQ gala

Basketball players Mariam Sylla and Francois Bourque combined to received four of 17 bursaries awarded to McGill student-athletes, Wednesday, at the 30th annual Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec awards gala.

Read full article: McGill Reporter, November 26, 2015

Published: 27Nov2015

WCM Board of Directors Offer Congratulations to Jennifer Reynolds on Being Named a Women’s Executive Network (WXN) 2015 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner

The Board of Directors of Women in Capital Markets would like to congratulate Jennifer Reynolds, WCM President & CEO, on being named a Women’s Executive Network (WXN) 2015 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner. Launched in 2003, the Top 100 Awards celebrate the accomplishments of Canada’s top female leaders and serve to inspire current and future generations.

Published: 27Nov2015

Fortier calls for fostering young entrepreneurs

The last Innovation Report of the Conference Board of Canada brought encouraging news for Quebec and Canada. But we can do much better, McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier told the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations on Wednesday.

... Among the recent initiatives at McGill to foster entrepreneurship:

Published: 27Nov2015