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Finance in Emerging Markets

Editor: Vihang Errunza 

Publication: Routledge


Published: 8Apr2016

Self-directed coaching for McGill employees and teams

Co-developed by Professor Henry Mintzberg and McGill grad Phil LeNir, CoachingOurselvesis a tool for sparking employee discussion and growth. It’s found success across Canada and around the world, and if you’re a McGill employee, you can use it for free to grow, network, and help achieve your full professional potential.

Read full article: McGill Reporter, April 5, 2016 

Published: 6Apr2016

Obama: ‘No difference between capitalism and communism’

Hard to know what is more shocking: A president of the United States stating in a Buenos Aires speech last week that there is “no difference between capitalism and communism, choose whatever works” (see video link in the endnote) or the fact that this statement has not received coverage.

Reuven Brenner holds the Repap Chair at McGill University’s Desautels faculty of Management. The article draws on his Force of Finance. 

Published: 6Apr2016

The Debate: Standalone Business Schools vs Management Faculties

The strength of business schools within universities

Business schools that are established within universities benefit from an ability to offer students a broad scope of opportunities and experiences. These environments have larger faculties with greater diversity, more ongoing research projects and extensive resources, and a wider variety of programs.

Published: 6Apr2016

History of Bangladesh: First Decade

The first decade's history of Bangladesh is most consequential but often politically coloured. This historical commentary is different in two respects. First, it recounts the decade through the lens of ordinary citizens whose perception is truer than reality in politics. Second, it avoids straitjacketing of history by simultaneously acknowledging the contributions of a regime and drawing lessons from its mistakes.       

Mo Chaudhury is Professor of Practice, Finance Dept. at McGill University, Canada. 

Published: 6Apr2016

Who’s News: Alfred Sanzari promotes,ResiModel hires

Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP announced that it has elected ten new partners and promoted eight new special counsel, effective March 1, 2016.
The following lawyers were elected partners:

...Andrea Gede-Lange is a partner in the Corporate Department and the Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Equity Practice, resident in New York. She received a BA from Mount Allison University and an LLB, BCL and MBA from McGill University.

Published: 6Apr2016

Anthony Yip: The Face Behind Lines Photography

Meet the man behind the lens! Anthony Yip is the photographer behind Lines Photography. With a sharp finger, serious eye for lighting, and a perfectly themed Instagram page with almost 25,000 followers, this is one up-and-coming Montreal photographer to look out for. Read on to find out how to get the perfect shot, why Anthony wants to photogrpah Lady Gaga, and his take on selfies (yep, we went there). 

Read full article: Her Campus, 5 April, 2016 

Published: 6Apr2016

Networking For Introverts: A Cheetah At A Lion's Game

This post was cowritten with Daniel Metlitski, a senior at McGill University.

Published: 6Apr2016

Les FinTech en effervescence

Alors que c’est la semaine du Money 2020 en Europe, la plus grande conférence européenne sur les FinTech, penchons-nous sur ce groupe de compagnies qui veut réinventer une des industries les plus haïes d’Amérique du Nord, selon leDailyFinance. 

Published: 6Apr2016

Restaurant Week is back – bigger than ever!

Cornwall Ontario - Cornwall's best chefs have gone all out to create some unique meals for Restaurant Week, and the winners are those patrons lucky enough to score a reservation at one of the 12 participating restaurants.

Published: 6Apr2016