Seminar: Bora Keskin, University of Chicago


Chasing Demand and Earning in a Changing Environment Bora KeskinUniversity of Chicago

The CEO Series with Karl Moore

Published: 8Apr2014

Imagine Inside the Actors Studio with top CEO's. In this four-part special series McGill University professor and noted author, Karl Moore, sits down with Montreal business leaders. Each week he...

The Art (NOT Science) of Management–and Its Cousin Leadership

Published: 8Apr2014

It seems that a number of people want to be scientists, or at least in the sense of ostensibly adding credibility to their respective field of work. Economists (of which I’ve been a practitioner...

«Diriger avec impact»: L’EMBA McGill – HEC Montréal célèbre son 5e anniversaire

Published: 8Apr2014

Le 21 mars dernier, l’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal a tenu un événement afin de célébrer son 5e anniversaire. Les participants provenant de cinq cohortes de diplômés et de la cohorte actuelle étaient...

Leading with Impact: Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal

Published: 8Apr2014

On March 21st, the McGill HEC Montreal EMBA program organised an event to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Participants from five alumni classes and the current class joined together for the first...

Seminar: Kalin Kolev, Yale University


On the Contemporaneous Reporting of Income-Increasing and Income-Decreasing Special Items: Initial Evidence Kalin KolevYale University

Seminar: William Barnett, Stanford University


When to be a Nonconformist Entrepreneur? Organizational Responses to Vital Events*   William Barnett Stanford University

Reveal Yourself And Others Will Follow - Authentic Leadership

Published: 3Apr2014

Being an authentic leader is something that the Millennials are increasingly demanding. Though as a Boomer, I find that I also want authenticity in my leaders. I guess times and people change....