Thesis Defense Presentation: Zhexiong Tao


Mr. Zhexiong TAO, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Operations Management area will be presenting his thesis defence entitled:

Research Proposal Presentation: Feyza Sahinyazan


Ms. Feyza Sahinyazan, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of CREATE will be presenting her research proposal entitled:

Investment, overconfidence and the female edge

Published: 24Aug2017

A piece in Les Affaires looks at how our emotions and confidence can get the better of us when it comes to our investment practises, citing the panic in 2008 as proof that the markets are ruled...

Pokémon Go and the fortunes of local businesses

Published: 24Aug2017

According to Les Affaires, a study partly authored by Desautels Professor Warut Khern-am-nuai looks at whether or not the augmented reality game Pokémon Go affects local businesses....

Desautels alumna takes charge of sustainability at Careem

Published: 24Aug2017

A piece in Breaking News Pakistan announces the appointment of Nadia Rouchdy (BCom’09) as Head of Sustainability & Social impact at Careem, the Dubai-based rideshare company. Her appointment...

Karl Moore traces brands, from ancient Rome to today

Published: 24Aug2017

A recent piece at Appsforpcdaily.com delves into The Birth of the Brand: 4000 Years of Branding History, a study by Desautels professor Karl Moore and Susan E. Reid that contends that brands are as...

Three keys for introverted leaders

Published: 23Aug2017

Desautels professor Karl Moore writes in The Globe and Mail that, though most business leadership writing is aimed at extroverts, introverted leaders are becoming more evident every day. He goes on...

A call for a new worldview

Published: 23Aug2017

In a piece for SFGate, Drs. Deepak Chopra and Anoop Kumar (MMGMT’15, International Practicing Health) write that, though the times we live in are worrying at best, taking on a new worldview can...

William Shatner: from BCom to Boston Legal

Published: 23Aug2017

Canadian Jewish News profiles William Shatner (BCom’52, DLitt’11) as part of its series on prominent Jewish Canadians. The Shakespearian actor’s career was catapulted into the stratosphere when he...

Desautels alumnus on labour law, social justice and driving motivation

Published: 23Aug2017

A recent piece at AdvocateDaily.com looks at the career of Toronto-area labour lawyer Stefan Rosenbaum (BCom’10). While Mr. Rosenbaum’s Desautels education equipped him well for boardroom work, his...