What effective leaders in online communities do differently

Published: 13Aug2015

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe & Mail. Today I am delighted to speak to one of our senior I.T. professors...

OnMobile Global Limited ("OnMobile") today announced the results for First Quarter FY2016 ended June 30, 2015

Published: 13Aug2015

OnMobile Global Limited ("OnMobile") today announced the results for First Quarter FY2016 ended June 30, 2015.... Pascal Tremblay is currently President, Managing Partner of Novacap. He holds a...

WestJet pilots reject vote to unionize

Published: 13Aug2015

Airline analyst Karl Moore says a union goes against WestJet's family-approach to its business and employees. Watch full interview: The Loop, August 6, 2015

Who Is Afraid of BlackRock?

Published: 12Aug2015

Authors: Massa, M., Schumacher, D., and Wang, Y.

« Il faut offrir à chacun la chance de réveiller ses talents latents », affirme les professeur Henry Mintzberg

Published: 7Aug2015

Management – Lorsqu’on leur demande s’ils se sentent engagés dans leur travail, 37 % des Canadiens répondent : « Mon travail ne sert qu’à joindre les deux bouts. Je m’épanouis, en fait, dans d...

What does future hold for Laura clothing stores now that they are asking for creditor protection?

Published: 7Aug2015

Professor Ken Lester talks about what the retailer Laura needs to do to survive in this market. Listen to the interview: CBC News, August 5, 2015

ESMT strengthens research and teaching with three new professors

Published: 7Aug2015

Per Olsson, Tamer Boyaci, and Xu Li join faculty as professors in areas of accounting, operations management, and strategy. Read full article: Mittelstand, August 6, 2015

CTV Montreal: Global recovery without China?

Published: 7Aug2015

Ken Lester, Desautels' finance professor, talks about the tanking Chinese stock market and fears about repercussions for markets elsewhere. Watch the video: CTV Montreal, August 5, 2015

Economic performance: The basics

Published: 7Aug2015

Desautels' Professor of Practice Mo Chaudhury deciphers economic progress in Bangladesh.  Read full article: BD News 24, August 5, 2015