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GCPA student, Joshua Faier, awarded a scholarship from the CPA Foundation

Joshua Faier, a GCPA student who will graduate at the end of this Summer term, was awarded one of the scholarships from the Fondation des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec. The prize is valued at $2,000 and recognizes his outstanding academic achievement and social involvement.

This program is intended for students who are registered in the Professional Education Program (PEP) delivered by universities accredited by the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (the Order), and have completed at least 12 university credits.

Published: 9Aug2016

Real Economic Shocks and Sovereign Credit Risk

Authors: Augustin, P., Tédongap, R.

Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis


Published: 8Aug2016

L’agence Index et l’Université McGill – Institut des cadres sont fiers d’annoncer la signature d’un mandat de campagnes numériques

L’agence Index et l’Université McGill – Institut des cadres, université classée numéro 1 au Canada et parmi les meilleures au monde, sont fiers d’annoncer la signature d’un mandat de campagnes numériques, destinées notamment à promouvoir la [index-mcgill]  populaire Série Mini-MBA offerte à travers le Canada, le portefeuille de programmes en Leadership et les formations sur mesure aux entreprises.

Published: 8Aug2016

Tory politician's proposal could mean cheaper domestic flights

 You’ve probably noticed how much cheaper domestic flights are in many other parts of the world. Given that gap, a Conservative Party leadership contender wants to make big changes by allowing more foreign involvement.

Published: 8Aug2016

Impact of train makeup on hazmat risk in a transport corridor

Authors: Cheng, J., Verma, M., Verter, V.

Publication: Journal of Transportation Safety and Security


Published: 5Aug2016

Three athletes among 23 McGillians headed for Rio

Three athletes are among a 23-member entourage of McGill graduates and students headed to Rio de Janeiro to serve in an official capacity at the Summer Olympic Games, Aug. 5-21. The athletes, all from Montreal, include wrestler Dorothy Yeats, an engineering student, and a pair of fencers – both recent graduates – Maximilien Van Haaster (B.Ed. Kinesiology ’16) and Joseph Polossifakis (B. Com ’14).

Read full article: McGill Publications, August 3, 2016 

Published: 4Aug2016

New Study: Companies Might be Suppressing Employee Opinions When They Need Them the Most

Long-standing research shows that diversity of thought in organizations is vital to innovation and creativity. New research shows that during times of job insecurity, those vital ideas might be suppressed if they counter the organization’s values.

Published: 4Aug2016

Joseph Polossifakis: «Les athlètes, nous sommes un peu fous»

Le parcours de l’escrimeur, spécialiste du sabre, Joseph Polossifakis vers les Jeux olympiques de Rio n’a pas été de tout repos. Le Montréalais de 25 ans a raconté son aventure à Métro.

Published: 4Aug2016