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How researchers are fixing the gender gap in MBA programs

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe & Mail. Today I am in Vancouver, sitting down with Zoe Kinias from INSEAD, a leading business school just outside of Paris.

Published: 30Oct2015

The Siegfried Group, LLP Welcomes 11 New Professionals to Explore a Leadership Position

The Siegfried Group, LLP is proud to announce the addition of eleven new Professionals to join the second class of Siegfried's Director-Explore program. This opportunity is due to the Firm's continued success and growth. 
... Jake joined Siegfried's NorCal Market in early 2015 as Professional Resource and now is a member of the Director-Explore program. Jake finds it "extremely exciting to be working alongside such high-quality, energetic and motivated Professionals that continue to bring out the best in you.

Published: 30Oct2015

This week in business with Ken Lester

The debut of new weekly series in the business world. Designed as a look ahead in the week of business, we will be chatting with Mr. Ken Lester, McGill Professor and CEO of Lester Asset Management about general business trends. 

Watch the video: Breakfast Television, October 27, 2015

Published: 30Oct2015

McGill cryptocurrency club gives away more free bitcoin on McGill Campus

Thanks to generous donations, the McGill Cryptocurrency Club gave away hundreds of dollars worth of bitcoin to students during frosh week using ChangeTip, Twitter, and the innovative Tips on a plane application. The goal is to foster interest in Bitcoin amongst students and promote adoption and use on campus.

Read full article: CCN, October 24, 2015

Published: 30Oct2015

When the MOOC became a GROOC, we all became change-makers

Do you remember the first time you heard about a 'MOOC'? Maybe it was through a sponsored ad on Linkedin. Or a friend's Facebook post urging you to enrol - along with her and 160 000 other participants - in Stanford's Artificial Intelligence (AI) MOOC (those are real numbers!). 

Published: 30Oct2015

Geoff Molson: ‘I pinch myself once in a while and think about how lucky I am’

Karl Moore is a professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. In this exclusive interview he speaks with Geoff Molson.

Read full article: Financial Post, October 26, 2015


Published: 30Oct2015

We Still Need to Talk About the Globe's Bizarre Endorsement

Article written by Professor Henry Mintzberg

On Friday before the election, the Globe and Mail came out for the Conservatives...without Harper! As if they could re-engineer the election -- to have their conservative cake while eating its leader. 

Published: 30Oct2015

Concerned Shareholders Requisition Petrodorado Energy Ltd. Shareholder Meeting

A group of Petrodorado Energy Ltd. (“Petrodorado“) shareholders, including Krishna Vathyam and Braans Ventures LLC (the “Concerned Shareholders“), together owning approximately 6% of the outstanding common shares of Petrodorado, announces that they have requisitioned a special meeting of shareholders of Petrodorado (“Shareholders“) for the purpose of reconstituting the Petrodorado board of directors (the “Board“) with three (3) new directors (the “Requisition“). 

Published: 30Oct2015

Catalyst Investors Appoints Courtney Nelson and David Sack Analysts

Growth equity firm Catalyst Investors further expanded with the addition of two new analysts, Courtney Nelson and David Sack. Both analysts are responsible for deal origination, transaction execution, and portfolio management, as well as assisting with Catalyst’s research reports. 

Read full article: citybizlist, October 21, 2015

Published: 30Oct2015

Canadian elections: Why did inexperience triumph?

Article written by Professor Reuven Brenner

As in the United States, Canadians voted for “Hope and Change” on Oct. 19, 2015.

These are exactly the words Justin Trudeau, the 43-years old elected head of the Liberal party, repeatedly used in his victory speech in both English and French.  I could not avoid wondering if Mr. Trudeau’s team used the same public relations firm that Mr. Obama used in his first campaign, or if he just borrowed the slogans.  

Published: 30Oct2015