New Study: Companies Might be Suppressing Employee Opinions When They Need Them the Most

Published: 4Aug2016

Long-standing research shows that diversity of thought in organizations is vital to innovation and creativity. New research shows that during times of job insecurity, those vital ideas might be...

Joseph Polossifakis: «Les athlètes, nous sommes un peu fous»

Published: 4Aug2016

Le parcours de l’escrimeur, spécialiste du sabre, Joseph Polossifakis vers les Jeux olympiques de Rio n’a pas été de tout repos. Le Montréalais de 25 ans a raconté son aventure à Métro.

The Director's Chair: Leadership Lessons From The Theater

Published: 4Aug2016

An actor’s job is to create and bring to life characters, much like a senior leader may have to put on a game-face in order to better lead a team. Traditionally, analysis and critical thinking were...

‘Thinspiration’ is the key to losing weight

Published: 4Aug2016

The ‘biggest loser’ in weight loss groups is more motivational than the average group weight loss, new research from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University finds....

Les altermondialistes débarquent à Montréal

Published: 3Aug2016

Environ 50 000 altermondialistes du Québec et d'ailleurs sont attendus à Montréal à partir du 9 août pour participer au Forum social mondial (FSM), qui se tient pour la première fois dans un pays...

GCPA student, Brittany Klumak, awarded prestigious C. Douglas Mellor Prize

Published: 1Aug2016

Brittany Klumak, student of the Graduate Certificate in the Professional Accounting (GCPA) program, has been selected among her graduating class as this year’s recipient of the C. Douglas Mellor...

Do you run for cure? How about running for cause.

Published: 28Jul2016

You probably know people who have had some sort of cancer. You also know many more who will be getting these diseases—you just don’t know who they are. So when you “Run for Cancer”, the money...

McGill X-1 Weekly Recap Series | Week 7

Published: 28Jul2016

Can you believe Week 7 has already passed? Its incredible how quickly our startups are nearing their McGill X-1 Accelerator graduation and we can’t wait to celebrate!...