Canus se redresse et se (re)lance aux États-Unis

Published: 17Feb2014

C’est connu, les plans d’affaires se déroulent rarement comme prévu. Les entrepreneurs qui s’en sortent sont capables de se réinventer. Parlez-en à la direction de Canus qui, en 2004, avait un...

"The Real Savings from IT Outsourcing," MIT Sloan Management Review

Published: 21Feb2014

Authors: Han, Kunsoo; Mithas, Sunil Publication: MIT Sloan Management Review Abstract: 

Seminar: Guillermo L. Ordoñez, University of Pennsylvania


Debt: Deleveraging or Default Guillermo L. OrdonezUniversity of Pennsylvania 

Why Bitcoins Lack Currency to be 'Money'

Published: 17Feb2014

Milton Friedman, in his book Money Mischief, reported the well-known story of the monetary system of a small island in Micronesia. At the end of the 19th century, the inhabitants used stone wheels...

Thesis Defense - Fatou Farima Bagayogo, McGill University


Ms. Fatou Farima Bagayogo, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of Information System will be presenting her research defense entitled:

New Management Concentrations Developed by Two Students

Published: 6Feb2014

Starting in Fall 2014, students in the Faculty of Management will be able to major in Strategic Management. ...

Advances in Sustainable Agriculture: Solar-powered Irrigation Systems in Pakistan

Published: 12Feb2014

Usman W. Chohan is a consultant with the World Bank Institute in the field of Social Accountability, and is pursuing an MBA at Desautels with a concentration in Strategy and Leadership. He was...

Seminar: Alexandre Jeanneret, HEC Montréal


The Dynamics of the Equity Risk Premium  Alexandre JeanneretHEC Montreal