Do you run for cure? How about running for cause.

You probably know people who have had some sort of cancer. You also know many more who will be getting these diseases—you just don’t know who they are. So when you “Run for Cancer”, the money likely goes for those people who have the disease, to find a cure, rather than to the investigation of cause, so that many more people needn’t get the disease in the first place. We certainly need to celebrate concern for the ill, but shouldn’t we show equivalent concern for the healthy, so that they don’t get ill? Is not an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

Published: 28Jul2016

McGill X-1 Weekly Recap Series | Week 7

Can you believe Week 7 has already passed? Its incredible how quickly our startups are nearing their McGill X-1 Accelerator graduation and we can’t wait to celebrate!

With only two weeks left for the program, it’s time to switch into high gear and get ready for McGill Montreal Demo Day on September 7th. To learn more about Demo Day, as well as the amazing guest speakers who shared their stories with our startups this past week, keep reading!

Published: 28Jul2016

How academic research is subject to racism, sexism

From the rise of social media campaigns such as #blacklivesmatter and #oscarssowhite to the anti-immigration rhetoric fuelling the Brexit and U.S. presidential campaigns, race has dominated conversations worldwide in 2016.

There’s a long-standing tradition among businesses spanning industries to try and control the narrative around what they do “and say this is the truth and this is our version and our version is correct,” says Dror Etzion, associate professor of strategy and organizations at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal.

Published: 28Jul2016

Student investors leap into trading world

Recognizing the need to give students real-world experience as well as the ability to apply what they’ve learned in class about asset management, York University this year created a student investment fund.

Using $60,000 donated by alumni and others, a team of 15 to 20 student analysts take a value investment approach to the portfolio, seeking to achieve a positive return while minimizing risk.

...Sebastien Betermier, a finance professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal, calls the competitions “varsity academics.”

Published: 28Jul2016


This year, hundreds of eager entrepreneurs competed to win $200,000 in funding, and for the opportunity to pitch their ideas to experienced investors and mentors. The participants also met legendary and inspirational startup celebrities from companies such as Reddit, Shopify and Oculus.

Published: 28Jul2016


Dès demain, Men’s Seasons, une toute nouvelle gamme de soins conçue au Québec pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques de la peau des hommes au fil des saisons, sera offerte sur le web. La Presse a discuté avec son fondateur et président, Clément Joubert, afin d’en savoir plus.

L’idée derrière Men’s Seasons a germé alors que Clément Joubert terminait son MBA. Sa dissertation finale s’intéressait à la psychologie du comportement masculin à travers la consommation des produits de beauté.

Published: 28Jul2016

Harvard Business School’s bricks-and-clicks spree

As dean of Harvard Business School, part of Nitin Nohria’s job is to mythologise its vast campus. The inauguration last month of yet another new building offered a perfect marketing opportunity.

Not all are convinced that it equates to real experience, however. Henry Mintzberg, a McGill University management professor, is a long-time critic of MBAs and the case method, which he sees as too theoretical. He characterises the Field innovation as “young know-nothings shooting off their mouths about things they don’t understand”.

Published: 25Jul2016

Innover pour ne pas mourir

La Presse donne la parole aux grands dirigeants du Québec. Chaque vendredi, un patron répond à cinq questions posées par le chef d'entreprise interviewé la semaine précédente. Et ainsi de suite.


Âge : 55 ans

Études : Alain Bellemare est titulaire d'un baccalauréat en génie mécanique de l'Université de Sherbrooke et d'un MBA de l'Université McGill.

En poste depuis : février 2015

Nombre d'employés : 65 000, dont 17 000 au Québec

Published: 25Jul2016

Natif de Lacolle: Alain Pinsonneault nommé Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Québec

Natif de Lacolle, Alain Pinsonneault est un professeur à l'université McGill et un chercheur de renommée internationale. Ses travaux portent notamment sur les impacts des technologies de l'information sur les organisations. Il a été décoré de l'Ordre national du Québec par le premier ministre Philippe Couillard, lors d'une cérémonie qui s'est tenue le 22 juin, à l'Assemblée nationale.

Lire l'article complet: Coup d'Oeil, le 23 juin, 2016 

Published: 25Jul2016


6年前,麦吉尔大学(McGill University)德桑特尔斯管理学院(Desautels Faculty of Management)做出了一个对加拿大商学院而言空前的决定,把MBA学费提高到足以负担该课程所需经费的水平。

Read full article: Pingxiaox, July 22, 2016

Published: 22Jul2016