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Peer program

What is the Peer Program all about?

The Volunteer Career Services Peer Program offers a unique opportunity for students to get involved in the Faculty of Management and to help fellow students learn about Career Services and the various resources we have available. Peer Ambassadors and Peer Advisors are selected prior to the fall and winter terms and then follow an interactive training program. Peers help us throughout the academic year with various initiatives such as reviewing resumes, facilitating workshops, hosting drop-in sessions, and participating in employer events. Students in the program start off as Ambassadors and can later apply to become Advisors. Through this program students develop skills beneficial in helping them succeed in their personal career preparation.

Peer Ambassadors


Career Services Peer Ambassador ChrisAs a student I am thankful to have so many resources to consult in the job-searching process, including the Peer Ambassador program. By putting my share of time and effort into the program I aspire that many students can translate their work in the classroom into a successful career.


Career Services Peer Ambassador SarahWorking with Career Services has allowed me to gain valuable insight into the career building process, and has shown me the importance of preparation for life after university. As a Peer Ambassador, I want to help other Desautels students be aware of what Career Services offer and see their benefits as I do.


Career Services Peer Ambassador ValentynSince I came to Desautels, Peer Advisors and Peer Ambassadors have provided excellent help by preparing me for job applications and assisting in Career Services events. Seeing the good work done by these volunteers, I joined the Peer Ambassador program to give back to the student community and help my peers achieve success.


Career Services Peer Ambassador YueqiI was in U0, feeling a little bit lost and disconnected from the faculty because I was taking mostly electives. The Peer Ambassador Program was a major step in getting involved with the Desautels community. Volunteering with Career Services has given me valuable insights into the career planning process and the chance to work with a great team of like minded students. Get involved!

Peer Advisors


Career Services Peer Advisor FathimaI see the Peer Advisor program as a great way to give back and make a contribution in our student society by providing individual advising for interview and resume building to students in their first year. I also see the program as an opportunity to improve my interpersonal and communication skills.


Career Services Peer Advisor Jake Before becoming a Peer Advisor this year, I started as a Peer Ambassador after I was recommended by a professor. By helping other students, I was able to gain numerous skills myself, so I stayed with the program. Being a Peer Advisor enables me to share my experiences and give feedback to students who are in need of help and who doesn't love helping others? I hope to be a great supporter for everyone who visits to get their resume and cover letter reviewed.


Career Services Peer Advisor RebeccaI chose to join the Peer Advising program looking for a way to give back to my peers. It has been an incredible experience because I have helped people learn how to properly identify and convey their strengths, and this skill has dually helped me in my personal job hunting experiences.


Career Services Peer Advisor Sarah I was saved by Peer Advisors my first year at McGill when I was clueless on how to write a resume. I enjoy helping students learn to own their accomplishments and communicate them thoughtfully on their resumé. I'd love to share my experiences and be a resource to my peers.

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