Course Descriptions

ORGB 380 Cross Cultural Management 3 Credits 
ORGB 685 Cross Cultural Management 3 Credits 

Professor: Alfred Jaeger
Desautels Faculty of Management
McGill University

This course addresses the dilemmas and opportunities that managers experience in international, multicultural environments – especially those related to Brazil and Latin markets. Development of conceptual knowledge and behavioural skills (e.g. bridging skills, communication, tolerance of ambiguity, cognitive complexity) relevant to the interaction of different cultures in business and organizational settings, using several methods including research, case studies and experiential learning.

MRKT 434 Global Branding3 Credits 
MRKT 690 Global Branding3 Credits 

Professor: Robert Mackalski
Desautels Faculty of Management
McGill University

Global Branding examines brands and branding from an international perspective. Through readings, case analyses, discussions, and field studies, we will study the dynamics of branding in developing and international environment and explore the kinds of strategies that firms can adopt to meet the challenges of globalization. Wherever possible, we will focus on the branding challenges facing international companies as they enter the South American markets. The course will include case studies, experiential learning, and assignments with Brazilian students.

Note: An independent study may be arranged for students who have already taken either of these courses.