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Welcome to the Department of Medicine at McGill University

Department of Medicine LogoThe Department of Medicine is a large, multifaceted academic and clinical organization built around the medical services of McGill's principal teaching hospitals: the McGill University Health Center, the Jewish General Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital. In addition to clinical and teaching services directly related to patient care, the Department includes a broad array of research programs and its effort extends to all McGill hospitals and to the McGill campus with its researchers based at the Research Institute of the MUHC, the Lady Davis Research Institute, the Genome Center, the McGill Life Sciences Complex and the Goodman Cancer Center.  The Department is part of the Faculty of Medicine and is a major contributor to the undergraduate medical curriculum.  It is responsible for a large number of residency training programs, in core internal medicine as well as in a large number of sub-specialties of medicine and it also serves as the the host for one of the largest graduate programs within the University, administered through the Division of Experimental Medicine.  Enjoy your visit to our website.

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Feb. 2018

MUHC symposium celebrates 70th anniversary of first artificial kidney in Montreal, at the Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr. Maziar Divangahi: Meet RIPK3: Good Cop, Bad Cop, all in one

Dr. Benjamin Smith: Unusual lung structures may raise risk of pulmonary disease

Dr. Artur Kania (IRCM): A mutation that causes mirrored sensations

Jan. 2018
Dr. David Rosenblatt: Epigenetic alteration of a vitamin B12 processing gene shines new light on our understanding of rare diseases

Dr. Don Sheppard: Biofilms - the eradication has begun is amongst Quebec Science 10 discoveries of 2017

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy in Nature Medicine - Puzzling over privilege: How the immune system protects—and fails—the testes 

Dec. 2017
Dr. John Bergeron: Why can’t Canada win another Nobel Prize in medicine?

Dr. Andrew Karaplis: Clinical trial of novel approach to treating osteoporosis represents “significant breakthrough” 

Dr. Madhukar Pai: Surrogate endpoints in global health research: searching for silver bullets?

Dr. Susan Kahn: Clinical trial reveals risky clot busters do not benefit most patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis

Nov. 2017
Dr. Giada Sebastiani: McGill study finds people infected with HIV more likely to develop fatty liver

Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta: Pregnancy-related conditions taken together leave moms – and dads – at risk

Oct. 2017
Dr. Jean-François Yale: Insulin in people living with Type 2 Diabetes: Initiation and dosage

Dr. Peter Siegel: Breast cancer study reveals new pathways for metastasis

Sept. 2017
Dr. Nitika Pai takes HIV self-testing global with HIVSmart!™

Aug. 2017
Dr. Stéphanie Chevalier: Eating protein three times a day could make our seniors stronger 

Dr. William Foulkes: Searching for the signature causes of BRCAness in breast cancer

Dr. Vincent Giguère: A new role for an old actor could predict prostate cancer recurrence

Dr. Nitika Pai: Technology offers creative strategies to prevent and treat HCV at scale

July 2017
Dr. Kevin Schwartzman et al: New MUHC study calls for targeted screening of high-risk healthcare workers for tuberculosis

Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo: How a few drops of blood led to a breakthrough in immunology

















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Making a difference in Haiti through a partnership with The Hôpital St-Nicholas. Visit McGill24 Haiti Project to donate!