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Seminars Winter/Spring 2012

All faculty research seminars are held in Room M/48 (Faculty Council Room) in the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building, located at 3640 University St. (corner Ave des Pins).

Seminars start at 11:30 a.m., and a light lunch is served.

Download the Complete Winter 2012 Schedule [.pdf]

Date Host Presenter Title
January 17 Dr. Marc McKee Dr. Dieter P. Reinhardt, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry Fibrillins and microfibrils in health and disease [.pdf]
January 24 Dr. Frances Power Dr. Stephen Birch, McMaster University, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis Exploring continuity of care in publicly funded dentistry: making dollars or making sense? [.pdf]
February 14 Dr. Laura Stone Dr. Hee-Jeong Im Sampen, Rush University Medical Center, Departments of Biochemistry, Orthopedic Surgery and Internal Medicine (Rheumatology) Disc degeneration, Pain and Molecular Mechanisms [.pdf]
February 21 Study Break
February 28 Dr. Ana Velly Dr. David Wong, UCLA, School of Dentistry Saliva, the Emerging Diagnostic Frontier [.pdf]
March 20 Dr. Ana Velly Dr. Gornitsky, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry Redox Homeostasis of Salivary Proteins, DNA and Lipids as Markers for Various Oral and Systemic Diseases (Periodontal Disease, Scleroderma and Diabetes) [.pdf]
March 27 Dr. Paul Allison Dr. Jake Barralet, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry Bioinorganics and Biomaterials
April 3 Dr. Marc Mckee Dr. Catherine Chaussain, Universite Paris Decartes, Faculté Odontologie Tooth defects reflect genetic disorders affecting bone mineralization [.pdf]
April 10 Dr. Thomas Nguyen (student hosted seminar) Dr. David Sweet, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry Forensic odontology research and casework at UBC Dentistry [.pdf]
April 17 Dr. Jocelyn Feine Dr. Pierre Thomas Léger, HEC Montréal, Health Economics Physician Quality and Healthcare outcomes: Evidence from Random Assignments in Emergency Departments [.pdf]