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Seminars Fall 2010

All faculty research seminars are held in Room M/48 (Faculty Council Room) in the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building, located at 3640 University St. (corner Ave des Pins).

Seminars start at 12:00 noon, and a light lunch is served.

Date Host Presenter Title
31, 2010
Dr. Paul Allison Dr. Jolanta Aleksejuniene
Faculty of Dentistry,
University of British Columbia
Application of Psychological Theories in Oral Research [.pdf]
7, 2010
Dr. Petra Schweinhardt Dr. Adina Rusu, Department of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology, Germany CANCELLED
21, 2010
Dr. Levitt Dr. Cristina Teixeira, NYU College of Dentistry Basic Sciences and Clinical Orthodontics: friends or foes? [.pdf]
28, 2010
Dr. Christophe Bedos Dr. Elham Emami, Faculté de médecine dentaire, Université de Montréal Rural Oral Health [.pdf]
26, 2010
Dr. Marc McKee Dr. Marta Cerruti, McGill University, Mining and Materials Engineering Life at the Boundaries: Interfaces between inorganic materials and biological molecules [.pdf]
09, 2010
Dr. Faleh Tamimi
JAF Tresguerres, University of Complutense Madrid, Spain Role of GH, Melatonin, Estrogens, and Hytoestrogens on Free Radical Production and Inflammation Markers [.pdf]
23, 2010
Dr. Svetlana Komarova Dr. Morris Frank Manolson, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto The Role of Proton-Pumping V-ATPases in Osteoclasts: A Therapeutic Target to Preventing Bone Loss in Inflammatory Diseases such as Periodontitis. [.pdf]
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