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Seminars Fall 2011

All faculty research seminars are held in Room M/48 (Faculty Council Room) in the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building, located at 3640 University St. (corner Ave des Pins).

Seminars start at 11:30 a.m., and a light lunch is served.

Dentistry's Fall 2011 Schedule [.pdf]

Date Host Presenter Title
September 20, 2011 Dr. Jake Barralet Dr. Maria Ginebra
University of Catalonia, Spain
Injectable calcium phosphate foams for bone regeneration [.pdf]
September 27, 2011 Dr. Laura Stone Dr. Frank Symons
University of Minnesota
Self-Injury, Skin, Sensory Mechanisms, & Saliva - Translating the Science of Pain into Solving the Problem of Self-Injury [.pdf]
October 4, 2011 Dr. Laura Stone Dr. Lucia Gagliese
University Health Network
Cancer pain and delirium in older patients at the end of life [.pdf]
October 18, 2011 Dr. Mari Kaartinen Dr. Amy Bradshaw
Medical University of South Carolina
Mechanisms of Collagen Fibril Assembly and Deposition: the Role of SPARC [.pdf]
November 1, 2011 Dr. Paul Allison Dr. Jocelyne Feine
McGill University
Research: A Movable Feast [.pdf]
November 8, 2011

Dr. Fernando Cervero                

Dr. Catherine Bushnell
McGill University
Imaging of Anomalous Connectivity and Cortical Thinning in Pain Patients [.pdf]
November 22, 2011 Dr. Marc McKee Dr. Antonio Nanci
University of Montreal
Exploiting Nanostructured Surfaces for Improving Osseointegration of Implants [.pdf]
November 29, 2011 Dr. Paul Allison Dr. Vahid Ravaghi
McGill University
Oral Health and Oral Health Care in Canada: the Findings of the Canadian Health Measures Survey [.pdf]