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Mary Ellen Macdonald

mary [dot] macdonald [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel:(514) 398-7203 ext. 089405

Oral Health and Society Research Unit
Faculty of Dentistry
McGill University
3550 University Ave, Suite 030
Montreal, QC H3A 2A7

Mary Ellen Macdonald, PhD is a medical anthropologist with postdoctoral training in Pediatric Palliative Care. In addition to her appointment as Assistant Professor in the Division of Oral Health and Society, she is affiliated with the Departments of Pediatrics and Oncology, and the School of Nursing and Biomedical Ethics Unit. She is also Core Faculty in the McGill Centre for Medical Education and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria. She chairs the McGill Qualitative Health Research Group Mqhrg website. Her main research interests include palliative care/bereavement research, cultural aspects of health and illness with Aboriginal communities in Montreal and Northern Quebec, and medical education research.


Letters to the Editor

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