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General Information for International Students

Please consult International Students Services for information regarding immigration documents (e.g., Study Permits, CAQ, Temporary Resident Visas, Work Permits) required for international students to study or work at McGill.

Non-Canadian students and students who are not permanent residents must first obtain a student visa from a Canadian embassy or consulate in their area. While it is not possible to obtain a student vista until both a letter of acceptance from the University and a certificate of acceptance from the Quebec government have been issued, potential students are advised as soon as possible to begin the procedures necessary to secure assurance of admission to Canada, and to complete the necessary medical papers for the Canadian immigration authorities.

If offered admission, both a copy of the letter of acceptance from the University and a certificate of acceptance from the Quebec government must be submitted to the immigration authorities to complete the processing of the visa application. Student visas can be renewed annually in Canada subsequent to the student’s registration.

A pamphlet describing immigration regulations in detail and containing notes and guidance to students from other countries is available from Canadian immigration offices, Canadian embassies, and British consular offices, or from the Immigration Branch, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, in Ottawa, Ontario. Local immigration officers will be ready to give help and advice.

There are several other useful booklets available, which explain the various immigration procedures and also provide valuable information about studying in Canada. The handbook entitled “University Study in Canada” can be obtained from Canadian embassies, consulates and Offices of High Commissioners and Trade Commissioners. A leaflet entitled “Notes for Foreign Students Who Wish to Attend a Canadian University” may be obtained from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 151 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5N1.