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Graduate Research Trainee

If you are enrolled in a graduate program at another university and would like to attend McGill for a limited period of time (up to 12 months) to conduct research only, you must apply as a Graduate Research Trainee. Research trainees are not permitted to register for courses. This category of registration is for students registered in graduate programs in other universities to conduct part of their thesis research at McGill under the supervision of a McGill professor. The purpose of the training period at McGill must be described. Acceptable reasons include:

  • the student is engaged in collaborative projects between professor(s) at McGill and the student’s sponsoring Institution;
  • the student wishes to take advantage of specific expertise, academic resources or technical capabilities at McGill to enhance the thesis research being conducted at the sponsoring Institution;
  • the student is spending a stage at McGill under a specific Memorandum of Understanding between McGill and the sponsoring Institution;
  • the student’s thesis supervisor has relocated to McGill, but the student remains registered at the former Institution to complete his/her graduate degree.

Please note that one cannot use the status of Graduate Research Trainee to conduct the majority of thesis research at McGill under the supervision of a McGill professor.

More details on Graduate Research Trainee may be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.