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Graduate programs

If you are interested in being trained to become a dentist, please visit this section of our website.

The following contains guidelines for the graduate programs in Dental Sciences in the Faculty of Dentistry. It is intended to introduce you to the research activities and faculty academic requirements for the M.Sc. and Ad-Hoc Ph.D. degrees in Dental Sciences.

Programs Offered

The Faculty of Dentistry offers the following graduate programs leading to the M.Sc. degree and the Ad Hoc Ph.D. degree in Dental Sciences.

The goal of these programs is to train students in research in dental sciences, which comprise a number of disciplines relating to the oro-facial complex.

Applicants for graduate studies with thesis requirement have to be accepted by a supervisor before they will be accepted as a graduate student by the Faculty of Dentistry. For a quick reference of a list of some potential supervisors, please review Graduate Research Program in Dentistry [.pdf]. Click here for a complete list of potential research supervisors. We encourage all interested in the program to identify, and directly contact academic members by e-mail, making sure to attach your CV and all University transcripts.

All programs leading to graduate degrees at McGill University are administered by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office (GPS). Please refer to the Future Graduate Students website for general information regarding admissions. Specific instructions for the Faculty of Dentistry can be found in the application procedures.

For More Information

Detailed information about all graduate programs, courses, and Faculty members can be found in the Health Sciences Calendar.