Dentistry's New Facility

McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry announced on October 18th that its undergraduate teaching clinic, preclinical simulation laboratory, clinical/community research unit and administrative operations will be moving to a modern building located at the corner of McGill College Avenue and Sherbrooke Street where it will occupy three floors. With this move, the Faculty is ushering in a new era of dental education, clinical care, research and service to the community.


When was the official opening of the New Facility?

The Faculty’s new facility opened its doors on September 3, 2014, beginning the academic year in our new home.

Who moved?

For the first time in the Faculty’s history, clinical and community research, clinical and preclinical teaching, and graduate and dental students have come together in this new space. This state-of-the-art facility is now also the hub of the Faculty’s community outreach activities.

How many students are enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry?

The DMD class of 2018 is composed of 28 women and 10 men - 82% of the class are Quebec residents. With the new facility’s expanded capacity for 40 DMD students per year, we are gradually increasing the number of students accepted. The Faculty currently has 140 undergraduate students, and 90 graduate, PhD and post-doc students. We also have a one-year General Practice Residency Program with 22 residents and a four-year Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program with 8 residents.

Why did the Faculty move?

The Faculty’s lease at the Montreal General Hospital, where the undergraduate teaching clinic was located, came to an end in August 2014. Furthermore, the clinic equipment was nearing the end of its natural life, having last been renovated in 1995, and the preclinical laboratory in the Strathcona Building had not been renovated substantially since the 1980’s. This combination of needs represented a wonderful opportunity to renew our facilities and to regroup more of the Faculty’s units under one roof in downtown Montreal so as to facilitate partnerships between dental and graduate students, clinicians and researchers.

This new location is more easily accessible for patients through public transport, provides easy access to campus for students and staff, and also increases the Faculty’s ability to fulfill its mission, combining academic excellence and community service.

The Faculty’s new clinic is at the cutting edge of dental education with the latest high-tech simulation technologies, teaching equipment and learning spaces that enable experiential and collaborative learning. An increased number of dental operatory chairs allows specific chairs to be devoted to research, emergency care and surgical procedures.

Was a new building built?

No, the Faculty moved into an existing, modern office building opposite the Roddick Gates, and renovated 48,000 square feet spread out principally over three floors (1st, 2nd, and 5th), plus some space in the basement for sterilisation equipment. The first and second floors are dedicated to clinical, preclinical and classroom spaces, as well as a student lounge. The fifth floor houses offices, conference rooms and a staff lounge. The University has rented this space with a 20 year lease.

How many chairs does the new teaching clinic have?

The new teaching clinic has 43 dental operatory chairs (compared to 30 chairs in the previous teaching clinic at the Montreal General Hospital). This is complimented by an additional 13 dental operatory suites which can be used for emergency, oral surgery, oral diagnosis and student & staff health.

How much is this costing?

The entire project has an estimated cost of $18.3 million. To date, alumni, friends and supporters have raised approximately $7 million, which leaves us with a goal of $11.3 million to raise. The Dental Students Society has also voted in favour of contributing $5,000 per student per year. The contribution went into effect for all incoming students as of September 2014.

The University has underwritten this project by loaning the Faculty the necessary money. The payment of this loan over a period of 20 years will amount to approximately $800,000 per year.

However, the Faculty of Dentistry must continue to fundraise to pay back the loan. The more funds we raise, the smaller the yearly payments will be. Ideally, we will be able to raise the remaining necessary $11 million and not have loan repayments for the next 20 years.

In addition to the renovation and equipment costs, renting the space will cost approximately $1.5 million per year. The University has signed a 20 year lease with the owners of the building. The Quebec Government will contribute approximately $440,000 per year towards the annual rent. The University will also be contributing to these payments.

What will happen with the clinic at the MGH?

The dental clinic space at the Montreal General Hospital is currently being renovated to be re-purposed for the Department of Dentistry in the MUHC. With the changes in organisation of the hospitals that make up the MUHC, the Department of Dentistry at the Royal Victoria Hospital is now closed to patients and will reopen in November 2014 as an enlarged Department at the MGH. Effectively, the MUHC Department of Dentistry is taking over the space vacated by our Faculty.

How can I support the Faculty of Dentistry?

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How can I stay informed about news regarding the Faculty?

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