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All members of the Honours Investment Management Program at McGill University work at Desautels Capital Management. The Desautels Faculty of Management accepts only 600 out of more than 5000 applicants every year, making it one of the most selective business schools in Canada. Acceptance to the Honors Investment Management program is equally competitive, as out of around 80 applicants every year, the program selects only 12 of Canada’s top business students.

Desautels Capital Management Team (2014-15)
Desautels Capital Management Team (2014-15)

Ken Lester describes his selection criteria using the soccer analogy: “I could choose 10 amazing goalkeepers, but that would be setting DCM up for failure. Thus, I tend to distinguish the students by their unique skill sets, geographic background, the languages they speak, and, all else being equal; I try to bring on just as many females as males onto the team.” The program is also open to MBA students.

Students are supported by Desautels Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Ken Lester, and Desautels Faculty of Management professor Vadim di Pietro, who together have more than 22 years of experience in the Investment Industry. Every year two top performing senior students are selected as strategists for Desautels Capital’s two funds. The two strategists manage their teams of analysts with regular input from Professors Lester and di Pietro.

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