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Report Section Description

Report (maximum length of 5 pages)

The report highlights significant achievements and activities during the 2013 year. Please be selective in choosing the most significant aspects of the previous year’s activities, particularly those that are not reported elsewhere. 

Please organize the report as follows:

  • Research and publications: Highlight achievements which have the most significant impact. List any significant conference presentations, such as keynote lectures, plenary lectures, etc. List any major research grants awarded in the reference period. Provide a URL link where publications by faculty members and students can be found. The list should INCLUDE books, articles in refereed journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, etc. It should EXCLUDE publications "in press", and those that are not of scholarly importance. The list should include only items published in the reference period and should be prepared in a standard bibliographic format.
  • Teaching and learning (undergraduate and graduate): Teaching awards; particular initiatives and innovations related to teaching programs; initiatives with respect to graduate supervision; extraordinary student success stories.
  • Involvement in the community: Involvement in the academic field and in the larger non-academic community, including partnerships with academic and/or non-academic institutions, by either the unit or individuals (faculty, staff, and students) that have a significant impact. Examples are:  conferences organized; outreach programs (local, national, and international) related to the academic mission of the unit, as well as volunteer activities.
  • Milestones: New hires, promotions, and retirements
  • Honours, awards, and prizes: The most prestigious McGill-specific, local, national, or international awards conferred upon staff members as well as students. This section should also include honours or rankings of note bestowed upon the unit as a whole.
  • Academic Unit Reviews: Those units that have undergone an academic unit review are asked to report briefly on the progress made with regard to the recommendations arising from the cyclical review.

Consulting (Confidential Appendix)

  • Consulting activities, including off-site teaching. Please provide the information requested on the Consulting Activities Table.
  • Please submit this Appendix separately from the main report.



    Please contact phil [dot] smith [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Dr Philip Smith) or by telephone at 514-398-8927.

    How to Submit:

    Please submit the report electronically to the phil [dot] smith [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Cyclical Unit Review Office).