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FPR-UCLA-McGill Program in Cultural Psychiatry

The goal of the FPR-UCLA-McGill Program in Cultural Psychiatry is to investigate the interactions of cultural, social and neurobiological processes in the course and treatment of common mental disorders. The program brings together a highly interdisciplinary group of researchers with expertise in cultural psychiatry, medical and psychological anthropology, social, cultural and clinical psychology, and social cognitive neuroscience to pursue basic conceptual and clinical questions in psychiatry. The team will also address basic questions of cross-cultural applicability raised by current efforts to export Western practices in global mental health.

The FPR-McGill team of researchers is working to develop innovative mixed-method research methodologies involving ethnography, neuroimaging and social psychology, to explore the complex interactions between social, psychological and neurobiological processes that mediate somatization, dissociation and recovery from PTSD and other trauma-related conditions. The program will also provide training opportunities for graduate students at UCLA and McGill.

Funded by The Foundation for Psychocultural Research