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Appendix A: Bylaws


The official name will be Centre for Research on Religion / Centre de Recherche sur la Religion (CREOR).


The overall management of the Research Centre is the responsibility of a Board. The Director of the Research Centre is responsible for the day-to-day management. In the event of an extended absence of the Director, the Associate Director will be in charge of managing the Research Centre.

Membership of Management Board

The membership of the Board will include the Dean(s) of the associated Faculties, one of whom will act as Chair, the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) (or delegate), the Director, one or two Full Members of the Research Centre, a graduate student, and at least one person from outside the University, not directly involved in the Research Centre. This Board will meet at least once annually. The terms of appointment of the Board Members, other than those of the University officials, will normally be for three years.

Appointment of Director

The appointment of the Director of the Research Centre (and, if required, the Associate Director) will be the responsibility of the Board. If it deems necessary, the Board may open a search for a Director. The appointments of the Director (and Associate Director) will normally be for three (3) years, with the opportunity of renewal once only. The nominations for Director will be made to the Board by a sub-committee consisting of the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) or delegate as Chair, two active members of the Research Centre and one member of the Board. The position of Director does not automatically offer teaching release. Any decision on teaching release is the prerogative of the head of the home unit of the Director. The formal appointment of the Director is made through the Provost's office.

Annual Report

The Director will prepare the Annual Report of the Research Centre, which will include all financial details of the operation, and will present this Annual Report to the Board for approval. The Annual Report will then be submitted to the Research Development Committee for further evaluation. If necessary, the Director may be required to make a presentation to the Research Development Committee on the details of the Annual Report and the operation of the Research Centre.


There will normally be six classes of membership in the Research Centre:

Full Member
Associate Member
Visiting Member
Research Associate Member
Postdoctoral Scholar Member
Graduate Student Member

Researchers cannot be Full Members of more than one Research Centre at the University, but can be Associate Members of others, if warranted. The ratification of nominations (which must include full curricula vitae and letters of support) for new Full and Associate Members of the Research Centre is the prerogative of the Board. There will normally be at least twelve (12) McGill Full Members in order for the Research Centre to maintain its status. It is expected that most Full Members of the Research Centre will hold academic appointments within the University.

Research Funding Allocations

Recommendations for allocation of Research Centre resources to Members will be made by the Director to the Board. These recommendations will be based on recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Research Centre. The composition of the Scientific Advisory Committee is the responsibility of the Board. Any appeals against the recommendations of the Director and the Scientific Advisory Committee will be heard by the Board and its decision will be final. The Research Centre's budget is also prepared by the Director for approval by the Board.

Annual General Meeting

There will be a General Meeting of all Members of the Research Centre once a year to discuss the Annual Report. Only Full and Associate Members will be permitted to vote on motions presented.

Extraordinary Meeting of Board

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Board can be convened if the Chair of the Board has been informed, in writing, of such a request and the letter has been signed by at least 2/3 of the Full and Associate Members of the Research Centre.

Research Agreements, Contracts and Grants

The Research Centre does not have the right to enter into grant or contract agreements without the co-signatures of the appropriate University signing officers.

Dissolution of Research Centre

If the Research Centre no longer satisfies the basic requirements laid down by the University, e.g., insufficient membership, lack of demonstrable research activity, failure to file Annual Reports, no longer a University priority, etc., the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) can recommend to APPC and subsequently to Senate that the Research Centre be closed.