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The Centre for Research on Religion has an annual programme under which scholars, either from Canada or from abroad, who may wish to spend the year (or part of it, but not less than one term) at McGill University for the purposes of advanced research, are welcomed as Visiting Members. These Memberships are non-stipendiary and ideally suited to faculty members on sabbatical leave from their permanent positions. Successful candidates will normally have an established academic reputation and have experience of teaching at university level.

Visiting Members enjoy many of the benefits of working in an international centre for advanced research in the fields of religious study. 

 Applications with an abstract of proposed research at the Centre together with a curriculum vitae should be sent to:

Ms Francesca Maniaci
francesca [dot] maniaci [at] mcgill [dot] ca
CREOR Visiting Fellowships
Centre for Research on Religion
Birks Building, McGill University
3520 University Street
Montreal, PQ


List of Past Visiting Members

Dr. Emidio Campi, Institute for Reformation History, University of Zurich
Professor Susan Glover, Department of English, Laurentian University
Dr. Yazeed Said, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, University of Cambridge

Dr. Tahira Basharat, Comparative Religion, University of Lahore
Professor Gert Prinsloo, Department of Ancient Languages, University of Pretoria

Dr. Heidi Epstein, Department of Religion, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

Professor George P. Carras, D.Phil. was CREOR’s first Visiting Fellow