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The Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) is one of McGill's many academic research centres, but one of only a few in the Humanities, and the sole one in the field of Religious Studies. The Centre is an inter-disciplinary and inter-faculty entity drawing on the expertise and research interests present in the Faculties of Religious Studies, Arts, Education, Law and Medicine, and other faculties at McGill University, such as Management and Music, as well. CREOR is based in the Faculty of Religious Studies of McGill University, and collaborates with researchers from other Montreal institutions and from universities and colleges around the world.

CREOR includes individual scholars, research units and research teams covering Buddhism, Christianity, East Asian Religions, Humanism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and new Religious Movements, as well as the Comparative Study of Religion and Inter-faith Studies. Research projects may be in the hands of one or more scholars from the Faculty of Religious Studies and from the other universities, faculties, departments, units, and centres. The Centre for Research on Religion builds on past cooperation on the level of teaching and individual cooperation with the Faculties of Arts (Catholic Studies, East-Asian Studies, History, Islamic Studies and Jewish Studies), Education (Counselling Psychology), Law (Comparative Law, Ethics) and Medicine (MUHC, Centre for Healing). Cooperation will be extended to other faculties and departments, such as the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Music, as well as to other Canadian and international universities. The Centre recently established an active collaboration with the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich.

Past and Present Directors of CREOR

Gerbern Oegema, Professor of Biblical Studies (2006-2008)

Torrance Kirby, Professor of Ecclesiastical History (2008-2014)

Davesh Soneji, Professor of South Asian Religions (2015-present)

Contact: davesh [dot] soneji [at] mcgill [dot] ca