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Traci Cimino's Publications

Peer reviewed

Cimino, T., Lach, L.M., Mechan, K., Saini, M., Nimigon-Young, J., McNeill, T., Nicholas, D., & Rosenbaum, P. (2011). Quality of Abstracts in the Context of a Systematic Review on Parenting of Children with Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilities, Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work 8(4), 369-378

In preparation

Bailey, S. N., Saini, M., Lach, L., Cimino, T., Mechan, K., Bogossian, A., et al. (2010). Reconceptualizing parenting of children with chronic health conditions and disabilities from the literature: Results from a systematic review process. Unpublished manuscript.

Saini, M., Lach, L.M., Bailey, S., Bogossian, et al. (2010). Conducting a systematic review of observational studies: Update to the MOOSE. In preparation

Lach, L.M., Saini, M., Bailey, S., Bogossian, A., Cimino, T., Gionfriddo, K., & Nimigon-Young, J. (2010). Systematic review methods for observational studies:  Challenges and solutions.  In preparation



Shame and Narrative Therapy in a Single Session Model. Training presented to EAP front-line workers. Cimino, T. & Krett, E., Markham, Ontario, May 9 & 10, 2011.

Grief, Loss, and Intellectual Disabilities. Training presented to Concordia University: Center for Arts & Human Development. Goldman, K. & Cimino, T., Montreal, Quebec, January 6, 2006.

Poster presentation

Lach, L.M., Saini, M., Bailey, S., Bogossian, A., Cimino, T., Gionfriddo, K., Nimigon Young, J. Systematic Review Methods for Observational Studies: Challenges and Solutions. Poster presentation at the 18th Cochrane Colloquium. Keystone Colorado, USA. October 18-22, 2010.