Heather B. MacIntosh

Dr. Heather B. MacIntosh is Assistant Professor in the MScA in Couple and Family Therapy programme within the School of Social Work.  Dr. MacIntosh obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Ottawa and prior to coming to McGill was in full time practice as a clinical psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of childhood trauma survivors.  She was also the Registrar for Accreditation for the Canadian Psychological Association. This blend of academic, clinical and administrative work is particularly appealing to her and motivated her pursuit of a full time academic appointment.

Dr. MacIntosh is principal investigator on a number of projects including a recent SSHRC Insight Development Grant for developing a computerized analysis of reflective functioning as well as moving into the final stages of a FQRSC funded project examining the interpersonal difficulties faced by childhood sexual abuse survivors in their adult relationships. Currently, Dr. MacIntosh is engaged in a clinical research project examining the new model, Developmental Couple Therpay for Complex Trauma, and is in the stage of working with couples and piloting the treatment manual.  She is also involved as a co-investigator on a number of research projects exploring the impacts of diverse trauma types on child and adult wellbeing.