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Elizabeth Fast's Publications


Peer- reviewed  

Sinha, V., Fast, E., Trocmé, N., Fallon, B. & MacLaurin, B. (2010).  La composante Premières nations de l’Étude Canadienne sur l'incidence des signalements de cas de violence et de négligence envers les enfants : une approche axée sur le renforcement des capacités dans le cadre d’une recherche nationale appliquée aux Premières nations.  Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales, 23.

Fast, E. & Collin-Vézina, D. (2010).  Historical Trauma, Race-based Trauma and Resilience of Indigenous Peoples: A literature review.  First People’s Review. 



Fast, E., Sinha, V. & Trocmé, N. (in preparation).  Youth and Housing in the Regional Longitudinal First Nations Health Survey.  Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa.                                                                                       

Fast, E., Diabo, T., De La Sablonnière-Griffin, M., Sinha, V., Collin-Vézina, D. (in preparation).  Underlying Trauma Research in First Nations Communities: A New Outlook to Help Understand Aboriginal Overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System.  Research and Statistics Division, Justice Department of Canada, Ottawa.  75pp.  

Trocme, N., Fallon, B., MacLaurin, B., Sinha, V., Black, T. & Fast, E. Et al. (2010).  Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect – 2008: Major Findings, chapters 1-5.  Public Health Agency of Canada (eds.).  Ottawa, 2010.

Fast, E. (2010).  (Book review of: Pedophilia and sexual offending against children: Theory, assessment and intervention, by Seto, M., 2008).  Children and Youth Services Review, 32, 306-307.

Fast, E. (2009).  Study finds group homes increase risk of delinquency (Review of article Delinquency in child welfare: Investigating Group Home Effects).  Retrieved from: http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/1091

Fast, E. (2009).  Study of two American Indian tribes finds addictions programs and Social support could improve parenting outcomes (Review of article Childhood abuse    and later parenting outcomes in two American Indian tribes). Retrieved from http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/665

Fast, E. (2009).  Study Finds Support for Kinship Care Placements (Review of article Impact of kinship care on behavioral well-being for children in out-of-home care).  Retrieved from: http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/780

Fast, E. (2008).  Study suggests long-term foster care does not worsen children’s behavior problems over time (Review of article Behavioral problems following reunification of children in long-term foster care).  Retrieved from http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/758

Fast, E. (2008).  Systematic Review finds more rigorous studies needed to assess impact of independent living programs for youth (Review of article Independent living programs for improving outcomes for young people leaving the care system). Retrieved from:  http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/762 

Fast, E. (2008)  Study points to importance of careful consideration in reasons for placement of youth (Review of article Differences in the factors associated with out-of-home placement for children and youth).  Retrieved from: http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/750 

Fast, E. (2007).  Longitudinal study confirms previously victimized children at higher risk of future victimization (Review of article Re-victimization patterns in a national longitudinal sample of children and youth). Retrieved from: http://www.cecw-cepb.ca/researchwatch/724 

Fast, E. (2009).  Youth Protection Response to Sexual Abuse.  In- the- Know, 1, 3-4. 

Fast, E., Felstiner, C. & Black, T., (2007).   2008 Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect: Preparing for the third cycle.  Canada’s Children, 7-12.  Retrieved from: http://www.cwlc.ca/files/file/Canada%27s%20Children/CC%20Fall%202007.pdf...

Fast, E. (2007).  Master of Social Work Thesis: Child Welfare Response to Child Sexual Abuse: Too Much or Not Enough?  Rare book division, thesis collection, McGill University.



Peer Reviewed

Fast, E., Sinha, V., Trocmé, N., Fallon, B., MacLaurin, B. (2010, September).  A Capacity-Building approach to National level First Nations research.  Presented at the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Fast, E. (2010, June).  Aboriginal Youth Empowerment.  Poster Presentation, Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research, Vancouver, B.C. 

Fast, E., Sinha, V., Trocmé, N., Fallon, B., MacLaurin, B. (2010, May).  The First Nations Component of the Canadian Incidence Study: A capacity building approach.  Presented at the Canadian Association of Social Work Education Conference, Montreal, Québec. 

Fast, E., Petti, T., Thomas Prokop, S., Chabot, M. Sinha, V. (2010, April).  The First Nations Component of the Canadian Incidence Study: A capacity building approach.  Presented at the National Indian Child Welfare Association Conference.  Portland, Oregon. 

Fast, E. (2008).  The Development of a Best Practice Model in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse.  Presented at the International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Fast, E. (2008, June 4-5).  The Development of a Best Practice Model in cases of Child Sexual Abuse.  Poster Presentation, Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program's Current Issues in Child Maltreatment, Toronto, Canada.



Fast, E. & Sinha, V. (2010).  The Strengthening Black Families Project.  Presented findings of Phase I Evaluation to trainers and staff at the Cote-des-Neiges Black Community Association.  Montréal, Québec.   

Fast, E. (2009).  The Youth Protection System: Critical Thought and Ethics.  Guest Speaker on the ethical dilemmas of youth protection practice to undergraduate and master’s social work students in the courses: Critical Thought and Theory and Knowledge, Values and Ethics, McGill University School of Social Work.  Montréal, Québec.  

Fast, E., Sinha, V., Trocmé, N. (2009, January).  The First Nations Component of the Canadian Incidence Study-2008.  Presented at the Centre for Research on Children and Families Research Seminar.  Montréal, Québec. 

Fast, E. (2008).  The Development of a Best Practice Model in cases of Child Sexual Abuse.  Presented findings from Master’s thesis to social workers at Batshaw Child and Family Centres.  Montreal, Québec.