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Anne-Marie Piché

Anne-Marie Piché

Anne-Marie Piché is a CRCF member since 2006, and is a doctoral candidate for the Ph.D in Social Work at McGill. Recipient of a Master’s degree in social work and a professionnal social worker, her main interests are: collaboration promoting practices, family and social issues surrounding child adoption, and evaluative research of community programs for vulnerable children.

Her doctoral research is a qualitative study of the evolution in the parent-child relationship in the context of international adoption, from the experience of a group of recent adoptive parents. This research was supported by SSHRC and FQRSC. She also has an expertise in services for adoptive families, having developped and led a specialized program in the Montreal community. She also worked with young children, youth in schools, in the field of adult mental health and with migrant populations.

She is currently leading the evaluation of the Child’s Circle model (Le Cercle de l’enfant) with Dr Nico Trocmé, in collaboration with Montreal based Fondation du Dr Julien (2008-2011). The Circle is a mediation model that promotes family decision-making, inspired by family group conferencing and aboriginal circles. The study evaluates the efficacy of the model in creating partnerships among family and social networks and its ability to mobilize significant adults in the child’s situation. The evaluation collected participants’ viewpoints on their involvement in the decision-making process, and tracked the progress of situations involving referred children and families over the months following the intervention.

Anne-Marie Piché was also co-researcher in the evaluation of the Strengthening Families Program (African Canadian Development and Prevention Network, Montreal) with Dr Vandna Sinha and Dr Nico Trocmé. The study evaluated the impacts of implementing an American standardized program adressing prevention of substance abuse, individual and social functioning difficulties of children and their families. The program was being adapted to the Montreal community families.

She is also a course lecturer at McGill’s School of social work, teaching practice with individuals and families to students in the B.S.W program.


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McGill University, School of Social Work
3506 University St.
Montreal, PQ, H3A 2A7
tel #: 514 398-4864
fax #: 514 398-4760
e-mail: anne-marie [dot] piche [at] mcgill [dot] ca