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Nico Trocmé

Nico Trocmé is a professor of social work at McGill University where he holds the Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work and directs the Centre for Research on Children and Families. Dr. Trocmé is the principal investigator for the Canadian Incidence (CIS) Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (1998, 2003 & 2008), the lead researcher for a Federal-Provincial-Territorial initiative to develop a common set of National Outcomes Measures in child welfare, and coordinates the Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal (cwrp.ca). He is currently conducting a research capacity development and knowledge mobilization initiative involving child welfare and Aboriginal service provider agencies in Quebec, and lead several research projects including analyses of data from the three cycles of the CIS, evaluating a family support program for African Canadian families, and leading the development of outcome indicators for Bathshaw Youth and Family Services and the Association of Québec Youth Centres. Dr. Trocmé has acted as a child welfare policy and program consultant to several provincial governments and Aboriginal organizations, and has presented expert evidence at various inquests and tribunals. Prior to completing his Ph.D., Dr. Trocmé worked for five years as a child welfare and children's mental health social worker.

Contact Information

McGill University, Centre for Research on Children and Families
3506 University St.
Montreal, PQ, H3A 2A7
tel #: 514 398-5399
fax #: 514 398-4760
e-mail: nico [dot] trocme [at] mcgill [dot] ca