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Angela Campbell's Publications

Campbell, A. (2006). Proceeding with "Care": Lessons to Be Learned from the Canadian Parental Leave and Québec Daycare Initiatives in Developing a National Childcare Policy. Canadian Journal of Family Law, 22(2).

Campbell, A. (2005). How Have Policy Approaches to Polygamy Responded to Women’s Experiences and Rights? An International, Comparative Analysis. In Polygamy in Canada: Legal and Social Implications for Women and Children: A Collection of Policy Research Reports (Ottawa: Status of Women Canada, 2005).

Campbell, A., & Nycum, G. (2005). Harmonizing the International Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Possibilities, Promises and Potential Pitfalls. Medical Law International,7(2).

Campbell, A. (2005). Ethos and Economics: Examining the Rationale Underlying Stem Cell and Cloning Research Policies in the U.S., Germany and Japan. American Journal of Law & Medecine, 31(1).

Campbell, A. (2003). Stretching the Limits of "Rights Talk": Securing Health Care Entitlements for Children. Vermont Law Review, 27(2).

Campbell, A. (2002). A Place for Criminal Law in the Regulation of Reproductive Technologies. Health Law Journal, 10.

Campbell, A. (2002). Type 2 Diabetes and Children in Aboriginal Communities: The Array of Factors that Shape Health and Access to Health Care. Health Law Journal, 10.

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