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Evidence Based Management

On The Radar

On the Radar is a dissemination initiative from the Centre for research on Children and Families that promotes its members’ research work. 

Volume 1 – 2015

(Issue 1 and Issue 2 English executive summaries are at the end of document)

National Outcomes Matrix (NOM): Phase V

CRCF Members in this Project: Nico Trocmé

Principal Investigator: Nico Trocmé
Co-Investigators:            A. Shlonsky
Period:                                 2010-2012
Award:                                 $95,000 ($ 20,000 allocated 10-11)
Funding Source:              Provincial/Territorial Directors of Child Welfare


In the Know

In the Know is a Batshaw publication supported by McGill’s Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF). It is a knowledge dissemination tool designed to draw from the Evidence-Based Management (EBM) initiative activities with a view to making relevant knowledge available to Batshaw clinical personnel and partners. Authors are peers and colleagues from Batshaw and the academic community.

National Outcomes Matrix (NOM)

CRCF Members in this Project: Nico Trocmé

Principal Investigator: Nico Trocmé
Funding Source: Public Health Agency of Canada/ Canadian Institute for Health Research
Period: 2005–2009

Evidence-Based Management (EBM)

Principal Investigator: Nico Trocmé
Co-Investigators: W. Thomson, Jo Ann Levesque, B. MacLaurin, A. Shlonsky, & S. Hélie