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Group Therapy

Please consult with a clinician at Counselling Services to register for these groups. 

ACT Groups for Anxiety and Mood


Date & Time: Mondays 14h-16h

Start Date: September 25, 2017



Date & Time: Thursdays 10h-12h

Start Date: Oct. 12, 2017


Sessions: 8 sessions of 2 hrs

Content: The goal of an ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) group is to help participants create a rich, full, and meaningful life, while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it. Participants will learn psychological skills to handle painful thoughts and feelings effectively, in order to reduce their impact and influence. In ACT, we set out to fundamentally transform our relationship to thoughts and feelings by using core processes such as acceptance and mindful choice. We will also help participants clarify what’s truly important and meaningful to them (values) and use that knowledge to guide and motivate life-enriching action.

Appropriate for: Students with mild to moderate anxiety and/or mood dysregulation concerns

Anxiety and Depression Group

Date & Time: Thursdays 2-4

Start Date: November 30

Sessions: 3 sessions, 2 hours each

Content: This group will introduce participants to a variety of cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques to help manage anxiety and depression, including strategies for relaxation, improving mood, managing stress, and achieving more balanced thinking.

Appropriate for: Students experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression

CBT for Social Anxiety

Day and Time: Wednesday 13h-14h30

Starting Date: October 4, 2017

Sessions: 8 sessions, 1.5 hours each

Content: This group is intended for those who experience intense anxiety in either social or performance situations due to a fear of humiliation or embarrassment. The group orientation is CBT. Students will examine what makes them anxious and will work at managing and decreasing the anxiety in these situations. The three principal themes covered are cognitive strategies to reduce anxiety, systematic desensitization to feared social situations, and social skills building.

Appropriate for: Students with probable Social Anxiety Disorder.

Cognitive Processing Therapy - CPT for Sexual Assault Survivors

Day and Time: Mondays 16h30 to 18h30

Starting Date: October 16th, 2017

Sessions: 12 sessions, 2 hours each

Content: This trauma focused therapy group is intended for students who experience PTSD and related conditions as a result of sexual trauma. The goal of Cognitive Processing Therapy is to improve one’s understanding of PTSD, reduce distress related to the trauma memories, decrease emotional numbing and avoidance, decrease anxiety, guilt/shame, and improve day-to-day living.  All participants will be required to meet for an assessment prior to joining the group and will be expected to complete regular out-of-session practice assignments.

Appropriate for: Female-identified students who are sexual assault survivors and meet subthreshold or full criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis. 

Location: 550 Sherbrooke W., Suite 585 (West Tower Elevators)

Please visit the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education for more information!

Living with Loss Support Group

Date and Time: Thursdays 13h-14h

Start Date: October 12, 2017

Sessions: 8 sessions, 1 hour each

Content: This group is a place for grieving students to come together to share and receive support.

Appropriate for: Students struggling with the death of a loved one.  

Transdiagnostic Groups


Day and Time: Wednesday 10h to 12h

Starting Date: September 27, 2017



Day and Time: Thursday 10h to 12h

Starting Date: September 28, 2017



Day and Time: Monday 10h to 12h

Starting Date: October 2, 2017



Day and Time: Tuesday 10h to 12h

Starting Date: October 24, 2017



Day and Time: Friday 10h to 12h

Starting Date: October 27, 2017


Sessions: 6 to 8 sessions, 2 hours each

Content: This group is intended for students who experience a wide range of emotional disorders. The group employs a variety of CBT techniques especially designed to help students regulate their emotions and get better control of their anxiety and depression. 

Appropriate for: Students with a primary diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorder.