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Monday to Friday
9:00am to 4:00pm

Counselling sessions

The McGill Counselling Service provides one-on-one counselling to individuals dealing with a wide range of psychological and emotional issues and academic and vocational challenges. Trained and experienced in dealing with the unique difficulties encountered by university students, our professional staff work with each client to alleviate distress, promote self-understanding and develop effective solutions to the obstacles impeding their growth and success. 


Counselling is available to all full- and part-time McGill students who have paid student services fees.

Session limit

The Counselling Service operates within a short-term model, limiting the number of sessions per student to a maximum of 15 per year. Referral to other services within or outside the University may be made if individual concerns require further attention or specialized assistance.


Other than a modest cost-recovery charge for vocational testing materials, as well as for some workshops, Counselling services are free of charge to McGill students. 


The information shared in Counselling is strictly confidential, and is released only with the student's written permission or if required by law, as in the case of child abuse or the immediate threat of harm to self or others.

Additional services

In addition to our regular counselling services we also offer vocational counselling and testingcrisis support, and the opportunity for students to participate in a number of groups and workshops each semester. Finally, we act as consultant and resource for parents, faculty and staff who have concerns about issues that may be affecting their loved ones or students. 

Letters of Support

We are often asked if Counselling and Mental Health Services provides supporting documentation to get extensions on papers and defer their exams.  We do provide medical notes or letters of support but only within certain parameters.  A student who is involved with a clinician prior to exams or deadlines may receive a letter outlining the circumstances that have contributed to their academic difficulties. 

Letters are not written after the fact if the clinician has no prior knowledge of the circumstances leading up to the difficulty.  Students requiring same-day supporting documentation who are not already known to Counselling and Mental Health Services should go directly to an off-campus clinic.  Some clinics are listed here: http://www.mcgill.ca/studenthealth/see-doctor/offcampus