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How we differ from McGill's Mental Health Services

We are often asked what the difference is between the Counselling Service and Mental Health Services, and why McGill offers both. The answer is that there are many different approaches to achieving mental wellness, and just as each of our students differ, so too does the approach that will be most effective for them. We believe that by offering students more than one option we are providing them with multiple avenues towards success, and ensuring that each individual has access to the type of therapy they need.

The Mental Health Service is staffed primarily by psychiatrists (there are also psychologists and therapists on staff) who are medical doctors with specialized training in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and in prescribing psychopharmacological medications. While counsellors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists all work with individuals dealing with psychological and emotional difficulties, psychiatrists tend to see those who are more severely impaired or may benefit from the use of medication.

If you are uncertain whether Counselling or Mental Health is best suited to your needs, a Consultation Appointment will help you assess your personal situation.