Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be admitted to an undergraduate certificate program:

  • Applicants must hold a CEGEP diploma (DCS, DEC or equivalent) OR
  • Applicants who do not have the normal academic background for admission but are 21 years of age and older may be admitted as mature students OR
  • Applicants between 18 and 21 years of age who do not have a CEGEP diploma but have at least a high school leaving certificate may be accepted into a qualifying program (a copy of the certificate must be provided).

Formal admission to a certificate program will normally follow upon satisfactory completion of the qualifying program, or when the applicant turns 21, whichever comes first.Applicants must attach copies of two pieces of identification to their application form to prove their age (except for CEGEP students). Applicants younger than 18 years of age without a CEGEP diploma will not be admitted to a certificate program nor will they be permitted to take courses as an independent (special) student.

Additional Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Career and Professional Development
All students applying to Career and Professional Development undergraduate programs must be proficient in English. For more information on language requirements, see Language Policy.
For information regarding exemptions for mathematics or statistics, see Mathematics Requirements.

All students applying to Faculty of Education programs must be proficient in English. For more information on language requirements, see Language Policy.
Some Education programs may require students to submit additional supporting documents. Please contact the Faculty of Education directly 514-398-4248 for further information.
For First Nations and Inuit programs, please contact the Faculty of Education directly for further information at 514-398-4248.

Language and Intercultural Communication
 In addition to the admission requirements for certificate programs, students must pass the Entrance Placement Test and place at a level no higher than Intermediate High (CEEN 331/CEEN 332 or CEFN 331/CEFN332).
Applicants must submit their test result with the application for admission.

Translation and Written Communication
Students must have a considerable degree of fluency in English and/or French and/or Spanish, with emphasis placed on written language skills.
Students must pass an entrance examination.

Language Policy

Admission to all Career and Professional Development programs and Faculty of Education programs requires proficiency in English. For more information on providing proof of proficiency, see Language Policy.

The language of instruction for most courses and programs at McGill is English. Students may submit any written work that is to be graded in English or French, except in cases where knowledge of the language is one of the objectives of the course.