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Here, There, and Everywhere: Travel Writing

Would you like to turn your travel experiences into engaging stories that others can enjoy and learn from? Are you interested in a career in freelance journalism that will allow you to travel and get paid for it? Do you want to entertain family and friends with vivid descriptions of your encounters with peoples and places near and far?  Whether you are a writer who wants to try out a new genre, an aspiring journalist keen to link work and travel, or a casual travel blogger interested in reaching a larger audience, this course will take you to that next step.

Travel Writing is designed both to develop your travel writing skills for publication and to foster your engagement in a critical assessment of the roots and future of travel writing in both print and digital forms.  Through regular assignments, we will work through story idea development, pitching ideas to editors, building non-traditional or online-ready story elements, and interview techniques. The course will have a strong participation element: students will be encouraged to work collaboratively so as to better understand how their writing might appeal to different audiences and to become adept at providing constructive critical feedback to colleagues. It will also include in-class writing time—time to put aside distractions and simply write the story you have been waiting to tell.

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  • develop an understanding of the basic history of travel writing
  • develop an understanding of the variety of genres of travel writing
  • develop an understanding of how text and image work together
  • learn strategies for enhancing general written communication skills
  • develop or improve reportage and interviewing skills
  • learn how to pitch an idea
  • develop an awareness of the legal, ethical, and personal safety considerations involved in travel writing
  • learn how to give and receive constructive feedback
  • learn the benefits of team writing
  • contribute a piece of long-form journalism to a dedicated website
  • clarify personal, including career, objectives as a travel writer


Topics covered include:

  • a brief history of travel writing
  • the varied purposes of travel writing
  • negotiating difference:  “orientalism” and “the tourist gaze”
  • synthesizing and organizing personal experience for public consumption
  • relationships between text and image
  • basic reportage and interviewing techniques
  • team writing and peer review
  • pitching ideas to editors
  • legal/ethical considerations
  • safety considerations

Who Should Attend

  • those interested in a career in journalism
  • frequent travellers interested in financing their travels by selling stories on a freelance basis
  • those interested in enhancing their writing skills and experimenting with online publishing
  • anyone who wants to entertain family and friends  by writing a blog about his or her travels

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be made in writing on-line. Please note that you will be required to quote your registration reference number. 

If you cannot attend the course but wish to send someone in your place you must make a request for the substitution in writing to mwc [at]

The following cancellation policy applies:

Up to 14 days prior to the start date: Full refund
Up to 7 days prior to the start date: Refund minus $100 cancellation fee
Within 7 days prior to the start date: No refund; however, the instructor may allow you to attend specific classes.

If no notice is given prior to the start of the course and you fail to attend, you will be liable for the full course fee.

The MWC reserves the right to cancel this course up to 5 days prior to the event.

Contact Information

Telephone:  514-398-7109
Email: mwc [at]



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