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Certificate in Translation – English and French Options

Montreal offers the perfect environment for learning translation: a cosmopolitan, French-speaking city with a vibrant English minority and a strong multicultural character. Translation skills – whether for government or business, scientific enterprises or cultural programs – are much in demand in this unique cultural and linguistic context.

McGill’s Certificate in Translation program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of translation. Our translation courses provide students with practical experience in the actual translation of texts in a wide variety of fields.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Translation, students holding a recognized undergraduate degree may continue into the Graduate Diploma in Translation program. This path provides a means for qualified students to become certified translators in English–French or French–English translation.

Program Description

The Certificate in Translation is a part-time program with all courses offered during evenings.

  • This undergraduate level certificate program consists of 10 courses (30 credits)
  • In the first stages of the program, equal time is devoted to translation from English to French and from French to English.
  • In the final stage, students are divided according to the language of specialization they have chosen.
  • A  Comparative Stylistics course is designed to alert students to the uses of language and to the problems of translation.

All applicants must take an Entrance Examination which tests their preparedness for translation studies in the languages used by the program. To register for the Translation Entrance Examination, please click HERE.

Non-credit preparatory courses in English or French must be completed by students who do not pass the Entrance Examination.