Academic Information

The following regulations and policies apply to all Graduate Diploma in Translation program options.

Residency Requirements and Advanced Standing

Students are required to complete at least 70% of the total program requirements at McGill University (7 out of 10 courses).
Students are permitted to be away from the program for no more than one academic year without reapplying.
Advanced standing of up to 9 credits (3 courses) may be awarded for equivalent courses that were successfully completed at the university level within the last five years. An official description of the courses taken elsewhere and the marks obtained must be submitted along with a written application for advanced standing. Students are not permitted to register in courses for which they have been granted credits and/or exemptions.

Time Limits

The program must normally be completed within four years of the date of admission. Students exceeding the time limit may request an extension in writing, which may be granted under special circumstances with the approval of the Director.

Academic Standing Requirements

  • Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of B- in each course in the program. This is in accordance with the grading system common to graduate level programs at the University.
  • Students may repeat the same course once.
  • Students who have more than one unsatisfactory grade in the program will be required to withdraw from the program.
  • After successful completion of all courses, students must pass their comprehensive evaluation.

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Independent (Special) Students

An independent (special) student takes regular credit courses but is not recognized as working towards the Graduate Diploma in Translation.

Independent (special) students may take courses in the program provided they have passed the Entrance Examination. Members of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec or suitably qualified students wishing to take only certain courses and not wishing to be admitted to the Graduate Diploma in Translation may register as an independent (special) student with departmental approval.

The number of courses an independent (special) student may take is limited. Students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Diploma program before completing four courses. The School of Continuing Studies has no obligation to recognize credits earned by independent (special) students towards completion of a Graduate Diploma Program.

  • Independent (special) students, although not formally admitted to the program, are expected to demonstrate seriousness of academic purpose. They are permitted to repeat the same course only once.
  • Independent (special) students taking courses in the Graduate Diploma in Translation program will be governed by the same Academic Standing Requirements expected of students enrolled in the program.