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Graduate Diploma in Translation – English, French and Spanish Options

The Graduate Diploma in Translation provides academic training in translation at the professional level. When the diploma is combined with the Certificate in Translation or equivalent, students may apply for the professional designation given by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec.

Program Details

The Graduate Diploma in Translation program is divided into three major parts:

  1. Required courses (six courses)
  2. Complementary courses (four courses)*
  3. A comprehensive evaluation including the presentation of a student portfolio

*Students in the Spanish option must take a minimum of three complementary courses from the Spanish language section.

Upon completion of the academic program, students will present a comprehensive portfolio for evaluation. Under the guidance of an advisor, students will prepare for this purpose a "best work" portfolio of the courses taken throughout their program. Based on the information gathered over the duration of the program, students will explain their progress and place the relevance of each of their courses into perspective. The "best work" portfolio also provides students with the opportunity to show work done in a third language.