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The "Lean" Elephant

All you always wanted to know about "Lean" and other continuous improvement approaches.

The word Lean has become increasingly popular in management circles. It historically describes the “Toyota Production System” based on the “Continuous Improvement” principle. Today, Lean tends to describe any technique, methodology, principle, or management system that is deemed to produce “efficiency”. The fact is that many techniques developed earlier have been retagged with the word Lean. Lean is blended with other terms (“Lean 6 Sigma”). Original elements of Lean were isolated: “Total Quality Management”. Other techniques were independently developed and are now merged into the Lean toolset (“Value Added Production”). Finally, terms originally coined by Toyota and translated like “Just In Time”, “Problem Solving”, “Continuous Improvement” or used in Japanese phonetics like “KanBan”, “Kaizen” tend to adopt an autonomous life and their original meaning gets lost to the point that it’s difficult to understand what they mean.

As a result managers who are looking for methods to increase the profitability of their business often have difficulty to distinguish the coherent improvement approach that better fits their needs. They end up trying one and then the other, and often witness the painful effect of having chosen a meaningless improvement strategy. This workshop intends to help managers, or any professional interested in getting clarity, to increase their general understanding of Lean approach.

Date: TBA
Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
Location: 688 Sherbrooke Street West, room to be confirmed
Fee: $245.00 CAD plus applicable taxes


This workshop will present the historical development of the Lean concept, an overview of “Lean” and several other continuous improvement approaches: Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Kaizen. The workshop will cover key tools and methods, implementation steps, management principles and results to expect upon implementation of Lean and other techniques.



Mr. Guy Martel, P.Eng, MBB, Director at Fujitsu, is in charge of the Lean Solutions practice for the Montreal office. Principal Consultant, he possesses a solid expertise in business process optimization through the world class best practices; LEAN Six Sigma methodologies.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Laval University. He also acquired his Master Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma.

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