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Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management

The exponential growth in digital media has created a great need for individuals capable of managing an organization’s relationships with on-line communities, for marketing, public relations, corporate communications or crisis management purposes. This requires a familiarity with the rapidly changing scope of the platforms and networks in use. It also requires a knowledge of the changing interaction of organizations with their publics and consumers. Also essential is an understanding of the nature, curation, management and creation of content, whether by the organization or by on-line community members themselves. There is high demand for specialists able to create, retrieve, store, research and make accessible information about organizations, socio-economic issues, news, products and services in order to help organizations meet their objectives.


This program provides working professionals with the knowledge and skills to participate in social media on behalf of their organization or brand, to create effective content, to manage communities through on-line communication, and to manage content from a wide range of sources in order to optimize its potential for the organization. They will also learn to monitor and track digital content; to carry out environmental scanning; to track trends and conversations with a view to influencing opinion and behaviour and enhancing their organization’s digital footprint and reputation; and to identify and connect with customers.

Admission and Registration

If you missed the admissions deadline, you can still register for courses offered as an independent (special) student and then apply for admission for the next semester.

For admission requirements, click here.

To be admitted to the program:

A non refundable application must be paid online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

  • The application fee for admission to the Fall 2018 semester is $84.14.
  • The application fee for admission to the Winter 2019 and onwards is $86.41.

Once your application has been submitted online, you will receive an email message confirming receipt.

If you wish to register for an individual course without being admitted to the program, please click here for registration instructions.

Who Should Attend

Working professionals in marketing, public relations, corporate, internal, or brand communications, journalism or fundraising, who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in digital media, online community management, and content creation and management.


At the end of this course the participant is able to:

  • Participate in social media networks on behalf of their organization or brand, and engage and manage online communities.
  • Use social media tools for public relations, marketing, publicity, recruitment, handling leaks, reputation management and crisis communication, as well as in support of social causes.
  • Track trends and behaviour among online communities and understand how they function.
  • Measure the results of digital media communications.
  • Understand corporate trends and best practices in digital communications.
  • Create original content for digital communication.
  • Manage digital content and communities in support of organizational objectives.

Program Outline

The Program is offered in English and consists of five courses:

Required Courses

CBUS 110

Current Trends in Digital Communication

4.5 CEUs

CBUS 111

Content Creation

4.5 CEUs

CBUS 112

Social Media Strategies and Community Management

4.5 CEUs

CBUS 113

Strategic Digital Communications

4.5 CEUs

CBUS 114

Content Management and Architecture

4.5 CEUs

Note: It is strongly recommended that CBUS 110 Current Trends in Digital Communication course be taken before any other courses in the program.

Please note that in order to obtain the PD Certificate in Digital Content you must successfully complete all 5 required courses within 2 years.

Other Requirements

Students are required to bring their laptops/notebooks/tablets to class.

Contact Information

For more information about this program please contact:
Telephone: 514-398-5454
E-mail: pd.conted [at]

For more information about admission  or registration for this program please contact:
E-mail: pdregistrations.conted [at]

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