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Online Virtual Classes

This course is offered simultaneously in-class and online.  The instructor teaches from a classroom specifically equipped for this type of delivery where in-class and online participants can both engage in the learning experience while interacting with the instructor and with each other. Course material is made available through myCourses, McGill learning management system. Course assessment methods are identical for all participants.

In-class participation

If you attend the course in-class, there is little difference with a regular campus-based course except for the fact that classroom activities are captured by a camera and microphones to accommodate online attendees who are invited to interact with the rest of the group via chat, audio and video.

Online participation

If online attendance best fits your needs and constraints, you can participate in the course from the comfort of your home or office using a web conferencing interface. This mode of delivery is very similar to virtual meetings, as used in the business world. In a virtual conference, you can hear and see the instructor and the classroom audience, visualize the instructor’s whiteboard and presentations and ask questions directly using the chat. In some cases, instructors enable online participants’ microphone allowing them to speak directly to the entire group. 

Online Attendance Requirements

If you decide to opt for online attendance, you will need the following:

·       A recent computer (MAC or Windows 7 and up, IOS and Android apps also available)

·       A high speed Internet connection. (Cabled connection to the router is preferred to Wi-Fi)

·       Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

·       A pair of headsets with a microphone to ensure audio quality.

Click here to verify if your equipment is compatible with the virtual conferencing application. Before the course starts, you will receive detailed instructions for accessing and participating in the class via the virtual conference.  

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